Saturday, July 26, 2008

Feeling Pretty & Dog Prognosis

The good news, Anna, our dog seems to be okay... Well, as far as we know anyway. Her blood work came back with no adverse results. Making it appear that she is healthy as a horse, wait, is that possible?... A horse? There's still a matter of the results from the lab on the tissue sample that was taken, but the vet strongly believes the lump is due to a sound bump she sustained to her back. How might this have happened you ask? No, I don't beat my dog... However, my dog has the habit of completely freaking herself out due to thunder, lightning, fireworks, odd noises, bumps in the night, bumps in the daytime, loss of electricity.... Oh, I could go on... She's just one big psychotic mess! There's a possibility that during one of her freak out sessions she tried to squeeze her body into a spot where it didn't quite fit and therefore suffered the trauma to her back... A $445 trauma to her back... Thanks Anna, there went the flat screen television for my bedroom.

In other news, the make-up session was a success. I have to admit I was rather hoping for a consult with a make-up ARTIST rather than a make-up salesperson, but I'm not sure how to go about finding one of those. What I mean is, the lady who worked with us knew her products but I was hoping she could give some insight as the best way for my daughter to wear her make-up... I guess I've watched too many episodes of 'What Not To Wear' on TLC. I'm always fascinated how a good make-up artist knows how to play up a good feature.

Perhaps the most hilarious part of the whole make-over was what an idiot I must've looked like. Anytime the salesperson told my daughter how to apply a particular product, like blush for instance, I would contort my face in kind... Smiling, so as to reveal the apple of my cheeks, raising my eyebrows for proper shadow application, puckering my lips, etc. I just couldn't help myself! And you know if YOU were there, YOU would've done the same exact thing!

Despite the lack of formal face shaping expertise on the part of the saleslady at Merle Norman she did manage to help us find some lovely shades of foundation, blush and eye shadows that compliment my daughters skin. I don't know if she left there glowing more from the make-up or from the new found confidence she felt over having someone fawn over her "gorgeous long lashes" and "beautiful brown eyes." All in all it was a worthwhile experience and I look forward to seeing how she's going to look all dressed up for the family wedding next weekend, as she seems to be saving all of the items we purchased for the special occasion.

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Blogger Katrina :) said...

Our dog Bandit used to do that same exact thing. It was horrible. She hated to be inside. To the point of freaking out terribly. I think she felt claustrophobic... LOL But anyway, she would do the same thing at thunder, fireworks, etc. And we had these punk teenage boys that lived across the street. They used to light illegal fireworks all the time. Well, one day we were not home. Apparently the "lovely" boys across the street must have been up to their usual because after being home less than 5 minutes our neighbor from the hill up above came down and said our dog was stuck in the fence on the top of our 90 foot slop. WTH... So my husband ran up the steep mountain and there she was. She was trying to chew her way through the rod iron fence and was stuck at her hips. It was sooooo sad. She had broken three or four teeth in the process and her hip was all messed up. My husband and to pull one tooth out, it was dangling... I cried and cried. Stupid teenagers! We don't live there anymore.

And how sweet, mother and daughter fun time like that. Having two boys I miss out on all those "girly" moments. Sounds like you two had a wonderful time! :)

2:27 PM, July 27, 2008  
Blogger Stacie said... glad your pup is a-ok. Yikes on the vet bill though..sheesh..I'm in the wrong racket that's for sure..(cuz you know..being a personal mail, personal shopper, personal chef, and personal taxi driver doesn't pay for squat)

sounds like the trip to merle norman was fun too..cant' wait to see pics..

12:12 PM, July 28, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

Hey Margie--where ya been? Glad to hear everything's okay with the doggy.

Isn't the make-up shopping fun? (sort of) Can't wait for all that fun stuff (but I love make-up, so...)

1:24 PM, July 28, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Hi Katrina, Our dog doesn't want anything to do with the outside when she's scared... She's more likely to crawl into the hole she believes will take her straight to the center of the earth... Unfortunately we have none such hole in our house so she tries to create her own... Once she 'dug' up a 6 ft. length of carpet in our family room in search of a hole... She's also searched for a hole in the carpet in my sons room, the guest bedroom and the basement... I swear if we ever sell this place we're going to have to replace all the carpeting first. As for your pooch how terribly sad to think she would mess herself up so badly due to fear. :-(

As for mother daughter fun time... Oh yes, you see my little 'girl' has always been more interested in toads and creepy crawly things than she ever was in dolls or make-up... So I guess you could say I'm FINALLY finding out what it's like to have a 'girly' moment. And lest you think she's a girly-girl now?... She hasn't touched the make-up since the day we purchased it. :-(

Stacie, don't know if I could handle being a vet but I hear plumbers make really good money? However, they DO work with Poo quite often... Um, maybe I'm just happy with the low paying, shopper, chef & taxi driving job.

Hi Christy, you know that saying about the 'lazy days of summer?'... It's complete bunk! Don't believe it! I'm busy, busy, busy! As for the dog, we're still waiting for the tissue sample to prove everything is A-okay! And yes, the make-up shopping was fun, but like said above, she hasn't touched it since the saleslady swiped my credit card.

5:36 PM, July 28, 2008  

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