Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long Time No Post...

Well hello there bloggy friends. I hope you realize I haven't forgotten you. It's just that thing called LIFE, you know about it? Well, it keeps kicking me in the pants with all sorts of things which need immediate tending to. Also, that notion of SUMMER as a time to unwind and while away the days with contemplative reflection?... It's a freakin' MYTH!

So where were we? Hmmmmm?

Oh I know, last time we were together I told you about the wonders of house cleaning, family coming into town and the Anderson Family Reunion in New Jersey.

Well, the house got clean... For a minute or two. Now it looks like it wouldn't hurt for me to run the vacuum again and freshen up a toilet or two.

At the 'Eleventh Hour' my son and I came up with the idea of creating a photo montage, DVD presentation for the reunion. So amidst all the cleaning we compiled a beautiful keepsake of photos from family events throughout the years all set to music and made a disc for each family who attended the event.

On Thursday the family came into town and much bonding and overloading on baby cuteness was experienced.

Friday we all merrily traipsed up and over to New Jersey (did I mention how much I HATE driving in New Jersey?) for the 'Grand Old Party' that IS the 'Anderson Family Reunion'... I believe there were approx. 55 people in attendance, ranging in ages from 83 to 'bun in the oven'. And remember that story I told about Uncle Jack and the 'Buddy System'?

So every 4 years since 1982, I get to hear the story of how Uncle Jack sat one August night on the shore of Horse Neck Beach in Cape Cod, with whistle in hand and issued the 'Buddy System' to his charges (sons, daughters, nieces & nephews). Instructing them all to find their buddy as soon as the whistle blew, throw an arm up in the air and yell "HERE!" You all see where this is going? Of course the first time Uncle Jack blew the whistle everyone dove under the water... And that was the beginning and the end of Uncle Jack's 'Buddy System'. Sadly, this will be the first reunion without Uncle Jack so the telling might be just that much more poignant.

Well take a look at this:

What you see here is a replica of 'Uncle jack' and his infamous 'Buddy System'... Cousin Jake being the clever sort, rigged up this little gem... But he didn't stop there, oh no! Out of site, in a nearby bucket is a tape player with a recording of a whistle blowing at 5 - 20 minute intervals. So every time the whistle went off, everyone in the yard would stop what they were doing and raise their hand in the air. It took me and several others some time to figure out the system. For a while I was under the mistaken notion there was a public pool nearby. However, by the end of the day... It didn't matter if you were in the middle of a horseshoe, bocci or volleyball tournament... If the whistle went off, you raised your arm up in the air and grinned at the memory of Uncle Jack.

So now I'm busy trying to catch up on all the things I should've been doing these past couple of weeks. Instead of decorating offices, swapping cards, cleaning like a fool and making dvd's. I need to do things like, pay bills, catch up on my reading and math homework, grocery shop and try to figure out what everyone needs clothing wise for the Family Wedding we're attending in 2 weeks. Ya, I've gotta go find a dress and lord knows with all the good food I dumped down my gullet in the past several days, it's not gonna be a picnic.... Mmmm, Pic-nic!

Before I close I thought it might be fun to leave you all with a group shot from the reunion.

By the way, that pointing thing? It's just something we tend to do in at least one group picture at every family reunion... In other words, it's a goofy Anderson thing.

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Blogger scargosun said...

That looks like so much FUN! I love the Uncle Jack stuff. You have a creative and fun family.

2:22 PM, July 17, 2008  
Blogger Dirty White boy said...

I like how the ones not pointing are looking like, what the heck are they pointing at?

3:44 PM, July 17, 2008  
Blogger lime said...

what a terrific way to remember uncle jack. i like such family goofiness as that sort of thing and thew pointing picture. sounds like a fun bunch.

7:25 PM, July 17, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

Aww...that's sweet. I hope you had a great time! :) Glad you're back though (I already said that somewhere didn't I? I'm going through my Margie withdrawls.)

8:09 PM, July 19, 2008  

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