Wednesday, July 23, 2008

To Better Health

This morning my daughter the Health Nazi... Uh, I mean Health Manager... Had us rising at 7:00 am for a 2 mile morning walk in the hot humid air. Okay, it turned out to be much more of a meander but it's our first day back from many long weeks of lazing in bed until all hours.

We did a LOT of walking yesterday in search of that outfit for the family wedding. We were both wearing sandals which do a poor job of supporting my feet and apparently hers also, as she was complaining of pain up the front of her leg (Shin splint... at her age?) So before we walked this morning I made sure she changed into walking shoes AND showed her how to stretch... C'mon, she's 15 and the idea of stretching never entered her vocabulary... Well guess what? achy shins, now it does! I shouldn't brag here but I can touch my toes, she can't... So Nyah!

Anyway, 2 miles... We take the dog and she's all happy, 'cause she loves a good walk. We get home, stretch... I mean, I stretch again and after we sit down and start petting the dog my daughter notices a big... BIG lump on her back... Something we've never noticed before and we pet her ALL the time! I feel the lump and an ominous thought immediately jumps into my head... Tumor? I don't want to worry my daughter but I don't want to make light of it either so I tell her we should make an appointment. Poor, Poor Anna... She's had a rough month, what with the anal gland problem, Fireworks going off at any given time, Thunderstorms (a 3 hour long doozy last night) and now this? The poor dog is just wrung out!

We got an appointment for the vet and he aspirated the lump. Now we're waiting for lab results and hoping everything is okay. The vet had to shave a little square out of Anna's lovely fur (not to mention shave a $445 hole in our bank account) for the procedure and every time I look at her I wince and try to dog whisper to her to let me know if she's feeling pain and also let me know if there's anything I can do. I'm not sure the 'Dog Whispering' thing is working but she's sure loving all the extra attention. Now I must go and apply a cold pack to my dogs back... Sure beats administering the warm compresses to her anal glands.

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Anonymous Christy said...

Oh my gosh--your poor dog! What the heck? I love that you figured out how to put your kids to work though--I need some help in that area. Hope everything turns out ok w/the doggy. :)

2:12 PM, July 23, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Thanks for the good wishes Christy... I'll post on Anne when we know something more. Also, we're trying to change the vernacular regarding 'work'... We're not putting them to work, but allowing them to be generous. It's still a work in progress but when it does happen it's a wonderful feeling for everyone involved.

9:00 PM, July 23, 2008  
Blogger Stacie said...

Awww..that's so scary. To put your mind hopefully at a bit ease, my dog had one too about a year and a half ago..I freaked out. Had it removed and it was nothing but a vet said sometimes older dogs just get them, no reason, just happens. Hopefully that's what it is with your pup. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

7:36 AM, July 25, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Thanks Stacie!

8:02 PM, July 26, 2008  

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