Friday, January 23, 2009

A Van Load of White Elephants

This morning I dropped off all my closet crap at The Goodwill Donation Center... And I'm wondering, is it just me or does anyone else find this task embarrassing beyond belief?

My husband questions why I should find donating my stuff for others to sift through and profit from, at all embarrassing.

Why? Because it's crap, junk, shit, if you will. I'm probably making it sound like I'm donating the very worst of the worst but trust me, I'm so terrified of the idea that someone will go through my stuff and curse my name (who am I kidding, they don't know my name.)... That they'll curse that woman who drove up in the green mini-van and unloaded a bunch of useless shit, possibly take down my license and either report me to authorities for dumping or hunt me down and run me off the road, all because I used their donation center as a means to dump my useless crap.

SO, in order to prevent any of those things from occurring, I carefully inspect each item I set aside, for wear & tear or whether it's broken or too dusty. And yet, I still am left with this horrible feeling I've dumped a big fat white elephant on the poor and destitute. This terrible feeling in the pit of my stomach probably stems from growing up poor. I detested having to go to the church storehouse to comb through the hideous, ill-fitting clothes people had donated.

My past continues to bite me in the ass like that.

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Blogger Stacie said... a way I can relate to this..I grew up the same way though the donations usually ended up on my doorstep rather than having to hunt them down.

On the flip side of it, I dont' find donating at all embarrassing, I'm happy that some things that still have some use in them are not going in the landfills. That really hurts me more than anything so if I think something has even the slightest bit of use left in it, off to the donation center it goes. At least the blood of the full landfills won't be on MY hands!
yep..that's my psychosis and I'm sticking to it! :)

1:49 PM, January 23, 2009  
Blogger lime said...

well it sounds like you are being truly conscientious about what you donate, which cannot be said about some people. i do understand your feelings stemming from childhood though. i have bad memories of being on the free lunch program....

i don't think you should feel bad though. you're making sure your things are still of decent and usable quality and if something is in good condition it's better than throwing it out. heck, i got my entire student teaching wardrobe from salvation army, coudlnt' afford a brand new professional wardrobe, just hit the thrift stores every week and came back with one or two things.

2:34 PM, January 23, 2009  

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