Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black or White

I graduated from high school in 1982, Michael Jackson's music is so deeply buried into my psyche, I could measure many of the events of my life, by each of his hits.
  • MTV
  • Listening to 'Off The Wall' while babysitting.
  • Dances
  • Video Premieres
  • Receiving the Thriller album from my husband on our first Christmas together.
  • That time I was shopping with my husbands college buddy and I talked him into buying that stupid Thriller jacket.
  • Laughing about just how BAD Michael Jackson could possibly be?
  • The thrill I got sharing Michael Jackson's music with my son.
  • Trying to explain to my kids how a black man became a white man, and why.
  • Questioning guilt or innocence.

A boy who never grew up? A man who loved children more than he should have? A wacko? A freak? A black man? A white man? A misunderstood celebrity, whose life was manipulated by the media? All I know is, I feel a sadness, like a thread from the fabric of my life has been pulled loose... And yet, I criticize myself for... for what? For suddenly caring about the life of Michael Jackson.

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Blogger lime said...

i really am going to try to avoid the media freakshow because it's sure to be tasteless. i do feel bad for his family who are undoubtedly mourning.

12:04 PM, June 26, 2009  
Blogger EmBee said...

I agree, but I sure am enjoying the MJ marathon on MTV... Makes me feel like I'm 16 again.

2:13 PM, June 26, 2009  
Blogger paestar said...

yuck. he is a pedophile who probably drugged children and molested them and i think the media and everyone speaking up for him have memories that are too short. he probably died prematurely from all of the excessive prescription pain killers that he took. i just feel sad for his kids, but otherwise i think the way he chose to spend the last third of his life completely overshadows any great music he may have made in the past. can you tell i feel strongly about this?? i just HATE child predators. but don't feel guilty for feeling sad. death is always a sad thing, and he did make some pretty kick a-- music!!!

12:38 PM, June 28, 2009  

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