Friday, April 06, 2007

'Martha Mom' - The end of an era

Yesterday I had to run to the drugstore for pharmaceuticals. Life has been a huge rush lately and yesterday was one of those days. My daughter was helping me pick out the various items we needed and before rushing her off to her scultping class I turned to her in the store and said, "So, do you want to just go ahead and pick out your chocolate Easter bunny now?" Her brow furrowed at me just slightly and I picked up on the notion that she was hurt by my nonchalance regarding what used to be considered a hallowed event during which we upheld the fantasy that a giant rodent hopped around our house, hiding plastic eggs with clues, candy and prizes. So I immediately added, "Or does that kind of ruin it for you on Easter morning?"... Before she could answer I ran a quick tally in my head of all the things I have on my TO DO List between that moment and Sunday morning and said, "So which one do you want... and why don't you pick something out for your brother too?"

The Mom of a mere 5 yrs. ago would have been horrified by such a lackluster effort to maintain the joy and tradition of a major family holiday. However, the Mom of 2007... the Mom of a 14 and a 17 yr. old really thinks it's time to take a breather and just enjoy moments rather than the traditions she carried out for two much younger children. So It's official, this year there won't be any elaborate plastic egg hunts through the house and/or park in search of various candies and goodies. No baskets filled with that cursed plastic grass which I'd still be sucking up in the vacuum months after its usefullness. There WILL however, be a couple of chocolate bunnies from which I'll manage to eek out a piece of an ear or a foot... And just to make sure I get a piece, I told my daughter to pick out a couple packages of 'Peeps' too!

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