Sunday, July 06, 2008

But I Feel Like I Know You...

This past Thursday I had the unique opportunity to meet one of my favorite blogger friends face to face. It was fun, she was sweet and gracious and I am grateful she would even consider taking time away from her vacation to spend listening to me babble on... Which is exactly what I did.

As always, when I'm unsure of myself, I revisit the event and agonize over my ineptitude... Which is what I've been doing for the past 2 1/2 days. You see, when I'm nervous I have this really annoying habit of exposing too much... Not physically (though that might be nearly as uncomfortable to witness) but in a personal way. For example, on our first date I told my husband my entire life story, sordid details of my dysfunctional upbringing, insane family members and all. Amazingly and gratefully enough, he continued to ask me out and eventually married me, despite my lack of restraint and my crazy family. My lunch with Lime, followed pretty much the same script. I guess I kind of lay it all out there as a bi-product of a take me or leave me attitude. Also, over time, I've left some rather cryptic comments on her blog regarding my past and assumed it was important to fill in the blanks. But here's the WORST part. Because I didn't want to come off as an 'It's All About Me' person, I asked her questions regarding some of her more personal blog posts... Because hey, after a couple years of reading her blog, well, I feel like I know her... Oh please, just shoot me now! I probably coerced her into sharing more of her private self with me than she dared, yet she was reciprocal and interesting the whole time.

You know NORMALLY, face to face, I think I can be pretty humorous, albeit in a rather sarcastic way. So I ask myself, why didn't I stick with laughable topics like boob jobs, bowling girls & why I'm afraid of the drive-thru car wash? Instead I got all dark and heavy with my topics of conversation. Then to make matters worse, I bragged about how wonderful my kids are... Ya, that's the kiss of death. Nothing bores another mother to tears more, than having to listen to someone yammer on about their precious darlings. Not that I ever refer to my son and daughter as 'precious' or 'darling' but I might've spent a bit too much time listing their merits. However, once again my dear blogger friend smiled and engaged me in the conversation and though she may not know it, I really DID enjoy getting the opportunity to learn more about her and her family.

So, there it is folks! What it's like to meet me face to face. Line forms to the right.... What, no takers?... Yep, I don't blame you.

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Blogger lime said...

my dear embee, i just returned home from your neck of the woods and wandered over to your virtual neck of the woods. please allow me to say the last couple of days of rehashing and analyzing the conversation were unnecessary. you were a delightful hostess and i enjoyed every minute we spent together. it was wonderful to have the chance to meet you in person and i'd enthusiastically welcome the opportunity to get together again when i next wander your way or if you find yourself in my area. also, be assured that the things i divulged to you i did so without hesitation. i loved your openness, warmth and approachability. you're lovely and i am so glad we had the chance to meet.

9:50 PM, July 06, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

Awww...I'm jealous! I want to get to meet you too! I'm sure she had a great time. I think if you put something out there on your blog for others to read, you must not mind discussing it, right? I don't know--I'm just an open book, so that's just my opinion.

Hope you had a great weekend!

11:18 PM, July 06, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

My dear Lime, I breathe a little easier now over your kind words... And yes, now that the ice has been broken, so to speak, I promise to be all witty and 'FUN' the next time we get together!

Thanks Christy, especially since you sent that before having the chance to read Lime's comment. I would LOVE to meet you too! So if you're ever in the Delaware/Maryland/D.C. area let me know. *repeating to self: light & funny, light & funny*

7:27 AM, July 07, 2008  
Blogger Chandra Stauffer said...

I can so empathize with you. I prehash and rehash conversations all the time. In fact, it sometimes it even keeps me from falling asleep at night.

Of course, we are always our own worst critics.

7:29 AM, July 07, 2008  
Anonymous Christy said...

Why did I think you lived in California? Do I not pay attention or what?

7:58 AM, July 07, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Chandra, we must be soul mates because that's the second comment you left in which I completely relate! The 2 of us could become so completely comfortable in our discomfort with the world around us... Did I mention I had to get gas at a gas station DIFFERENT from the one I'm used to? It was scary, but I survived. :-D

Christy, I probably confused you when I mentioned I'm FROM California, as in, born and raised there but I left all the smog, traffic, over-crowding and earthquakes nearly 20 yrs. ago for the East Coast and LOVE it!

11:27 AM, July 07, 2008  
Blogger S said...

Hi! I've known the Lime for a long dang time, and I am pretty sure that she is someone you can be yourself around.

But I havent met her in real life yet...he he stay tuned!

Im sure you were awesome and that you talked about heavy stuff just means that you were comfortable enough around her to do so.

1:38 AM, July 08, 2008  
Blogger Whiskeymarie said...

I've only met a few bloggers, but every time has had me (yes, ME!) in knots.

If I ever meet you, we can talk about boobs and such to your heart's content. I have no fear.


2:32 AM, July 12, 2008  

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