Monday, January 26, 2009

Printer Quest - An Epic Adventure

Question: How long should it take to buy a new printer?

Answer: Well you would think, oh maybe 20 min. And if you're really choosy, maybe and hour.

Was that your answer? Well, if you live in The Paper Treehouse, you'd be WRONG!

The correct answer is: 25 days.

25 DAYS??? You ask.

Yes, here, allow me to add it up for you.

Day 1: You've already determined you need a new printer, but hmmmm, What kind? and Where should you purchase it? Well, there are those points you've accrued through your credit card company, perhaps you should order a gift card from your rewards points? Yes, because then it'll be like you're getting your new printer for FREE!

Day 2: Consult with husband regarding from which store you should order a gift card.

Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5: Once you've AT LAST made your decision as to the type of gift card, puzzle over the amount you think you'll need.

Day 6: Order gift card from 'Credit Card Rewards Company' online. Discover you've forgotten your password info and give up in frustration.

Day 7: Send inquiry e-mail to 'Credit Card Rewards Company' to verify your forgotten password info. After waiting for two separate e-mail replies, return to 'Credit Card Rewards Company' website and at last order your $200 gift card.

Day 8 thru Day 20: Wait for your gift card to be processed by a tired little man, in a tiny little cubicle, who is seriously considering ending it all due to his dead-end job and meaningless life... Then wait for said card to be mailed via Tibet on the back of an alpaca.

Day 21: $200 of free money in the palm of your hand, you make plans to head off to the big box electronic store the very next day to pick up your brand new printer! Good thing you used ALL that extra time you had, waiting for your gift card, to research which printer to purchase.

Day 22: Because buying a new expensive piece of electronic equipment for the home is an important decision, you bring your husband, who is a computer programmer by profession AND you're techie-genius son along with you to make the purchase of your brand new printer!


There are many, MANY, MANY, other printers available than JUST the one you thought you had decided on. And one of these NEW printers is sleek and black and has a fancy touch screen, which make you feel as though you wouldn't JUST be printing a document but manning the control panel which sends Luke Skywalker off to battle the Deathstar. Yes, this printer is more than your gift card is worth BUT a voice in the back of your head repeatedly whispers "My Precious" every time you touch its shiny black chasis.

However, your husband shakes his head and says, "I dunno, we haven't done any research on that one." Rather than make a decision, the three of you head off to the same name big box electronic store just on the other side of town, to see if there are even MORE models of printers to boggle your mind. And you know what? There ARE more!

At this point your head is swimming AND that sleek black model is still whispering your name even though in THIS store it isn't even plugged in! You begin to ask yourself, "Do I want a printer that prints fast?.... Yes!" "Do I want a printer that has a fax?.... No!" "Do I want a printer that prints on cd's?.... Hell yeah, I never even thought of it before but yes, YES I DO want to print on cd's!"

Eventually, husband calls his mom to have her check out review on that sleek, black, touch-screen model that is still whispering my name. 10 min. later the call comes back that the reviews are bad, it's a piece of crap! BUT HOW CAN THAT BE??? I'm quite sure that model could be the ultimate demise of the death star and all by the touch of my finger on it's smooth *Precious* touch screen!

Ultimately on Day 22, we leave the 2nd big box electronic store, with our heads completely befuddled with brands and model numbers and yes, we're still without a printer!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story.........

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Blogger lime said...

i just hope the printer doesn't strike back!

and i do believe our mail carrier comes from tibet via an alpaca judging by the difficulty in getting ANYTHING from ANYONE.

10:10 PM, January 26, 2009  

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