Wednesday, November 04, 2009

36 Degrees *Groan*

It's 35 degrees out this morning... Freakin' winter!

The trees around here are starting to get that barren look, where all the color disappears and all that's left are gray sickly twigs. This is all I'm going to see for months and months, just gray and barren tree lines... Freakin' winter!

I'm not the type to be in the need of anti-depressants but if I was, this is the time of year I'd have to start taking them because just the thought of all that color being washed out of the world and being holed up inside to stay warm makes me want to cry... Freakin' winter!

This winter could be especially challenging because my daughter, who is perpetually cold, will want the fire on 24-7. Then there's myself who is swinging so violently, from one hot flash to the next, I've got my own personal global warming crisis in effect. Watch tv in the family room with the fire place cranked up? Doubtful! Sit for any minimal amount of time with my laptop on my lap? Puhleeeease! Drink tea? Eat soup? I start to perspire just thinking about it (perspire sounds so much classier than sweat doesn't it?)

Wait, why was I complaining about it getting cold outside again?



Blogger santamaker said...

Oh man.... 36 degrees sound sooo good right now! We're saving on our heating bills this year...all I have to do is radiate this friggin' body heat and the house is toasty warm!

10:39 PM, November 10, 2009  
Blogger Christy said...

It snowed here in NH last week...I cried a little bit. Not ready for this!!

11:34 AM, November 12, 2009  

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