Thursday, August 21, 2008

Embarrassing Moment #???... What am I up to now?

This afternoon my daughter and I made a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics... In order to, you know, to get our Craft on!

As we walked through the store my daughter came down with a raging case of the hiccups... Hiccups SO powerful that when she both hiccuped and laughed at the same time, she sounded like a wounded water buffalo. Of course I took the opportunity to tease her by saying, "I'll just stand over here because you are totally embarrassing me!" I mean why not, that's what she's always saying to me. Especially during the times when the music pouring out of a stores sound system makes me want to bust a move.

So, back to my story.... There came a point during our shopping expedition in which I really needed to make a pit stop. In the, I just ate a McDonald's burger, fries and shake kind of way (not that I had but you probably know what I mean.) So I informed my daughter that I needed to hit the restroom, Pronto! She answered that she had to go also. So I hightailed it towards the Ladies Room with my daughter in pursuit. After I made it to the stall and sat down I heard my daughter enter and take the remaining stall. Since I had arrived first I went straight for the spacious Handicapped stall, leaving my daughter with the narrow one. Because we're always competing with one another I said aloud to her, "Ha, ha-ha-ha (note sign songy voice), I got the big stall!"... She didn't answer so I said, "You may make disgusting noises but I'm going to stink up the place."... Still no answer. That's when I looked down at the feet of the person in the stall next to me and thought to myself... "Sarah's not wearing tennis-shoes?" The voice in my head got a little higher when it said, "She wasn't wearing pants either?" The voice in my head went up another octave and in a bare whisper said to me, "That's not Sarah!",,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

That's when I began to engage in a little foot shuffle while I sat there on the toilet. I thought, maybe if this stranger thinks there's someone else in this stall with me... Who I could've very well been talking to... Well, then maybe she won't be freaked out and therefore I needn't feel nearly as embarrassed... I don't think the foot shuffle fooled anyone. So instead I went with Plan B... Sit quietly, pretend I never said a word and wait until closing time to come out of the bathroom. Seeing as it was 3:30 in the afternoon, I knew that wasn't going to be an option so I waited until she was long gone and then squeaked out in a soft voice, "Sarah?"......................................

No answer.............................................

When I at last exited the bathroom there was my daughter standing dutifully beside our cart. And you know what she said? She said, "We're you talking to someone in there?"

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Blogger desertdiva said...

Oh my heck, that is so funny!

7:44 PM, August 21, 2008  
Blogger Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca said...

HAhaha...I could imagine your face turning red in that rest room cubicle!

Maybe the other person memorized what your shoes looked like and surreptitiously waited for you to come out and see you from a distance.

8:15 PM, August 21, 2008  
Anonymous Deconstructing Jen said...

OH my goodness, that may be the most embarrassing bathroom story I've ever heard. I think I blushed a little for you. Yikes!

10:02 PM, August 21, 2008  
Blogger WheresMyAngels said...

That is so funny! I'm embarrassed for you!

11:34 PM, August 21, 2008  
Blogger dddiva said...

LOL that is so funny. I know I would have been red-faced. Maybe this will make you a bit less traumatized (yes, we've got a bathroom story doesn't everyone?)
When my youngest was maybe a year and a half she shouted when someone opened the restroom door are you stinkin? and when she came out of the restroom- gramma did you wipe your butt? did you wash your hands?
Thanks for visiting my blog, I am so glad that I got to "meet" you thanks to SITs.

11:58 PM, August 21, 2008  
Blogger Romi said...

Oh,No! That is too funny! Thanks for sharing your 'moment' with us...I thought I was the only person who did stuff like that:-)

1:03 AM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Hi desertdiva, thanks for stopping by and happy to have shared a laugh.

Hi rela, I was red from head to toe! As for the shoe memorization, don't think I didn't already consider that.

Hi jen, Oh, I'm sure I have at least a dozen other tales just as embarrassing.

Hello again angels, You can be certain that as soon as the embarrassment began to die down I began formulating the story in blog format for my next post.

Hi again dddiva, Out of the mouths of babes can be quite embarrassing but out of the mouths of a sane adult (at least I'd like to think myself as sane) is quite a different story... So I think I'm still one up on you! :-)

Hiya romi, Oh no dear, you have company! :-)

8:30 AM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger Stacie said...

OMGosh...I am DYING! This is the funniest thing I've heard in crack me up. Oh deserve a gold medal for that one! ;P


9:32 AM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger Nik said...

ROFL! That is RICH!

Thanks so much for sharing!!

10:02 AM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger lime said...

oh lordy, i feel your mortification!

7:14 PM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger EmBee said...

Hi Stacie, You mean to tell me you don't talk to complete strangers in public restrooms? Gold Medal ey? You DO have Olympic fever!

Hi Nik, Self-deprecating humor is my specialty.

Hey Lime, My daughter saw the woman when she came out of the bathroom ahead of me and said she was an employee... When do you think it'll be safe to return?

10:23 PM, August 22, 2008  
Blogger Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk said...

OH. MY. GOD. That is hilarious! You can never ever go there again.

5:19 PM, August 24, 2008  
Anonymous mrsbear said...

Linked from "From Dawn Till Rusk". That was hilarious. Embarrassing for you, but a giggle fest for the rest of us, who are not laughing at you but...okay, probably laughing at you, but not in a mean way. I probably would have stayed in that stall for a lot longer. Eek.

1:46 PM, September 05, 2008  
Blogger Busymama Kellie said...

OMG, that was so funny I couldn't stop giggling. I LOVE a good potty story! Found through Tara's blog and will be back!

4:52 AM, September 09, 2008  

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