Monday, February 08, 2010

An Attack of the Munchies Gone Bad

You know how it is... You're sitting around late in the evening and that pang suddenly hits. That burning desire to eat something, but what?... WHAT?

So Saturday evening an attack of the munchies... Strike that, A SEVERE attack of the MUNCHIES, struck both my daughter and I around 10:00. (I know, I know, BAD time to be shoveling food down your throat! And you're saying, "Don't you know that's the time of day those calories don't go anywhere but straight to your already gelatinous thighs?".... Hey, It's all part of building up fat reserves should we lose power during one of these snowstorms that keep heading our way.)

So yeah, as I was saying... 10 o'clock hits and the girl child and I look at each other and start quizzing one another on the snack possibilities... Cookies? Pudding? Donuts?.... Hmmmm, how 'bout ICE CREAM? Sure it's only 18 degrees outside but somehow the notion of ice cream seemed to fill the need. So we jump up, girl child grabs the scoops, I pick through the various choices of flavors and opt for vanilla. Vanilla? you say... Why yes, because somewhere in the back of my mind I'm remembering there's some hot fudge sauce deep in the recesses of one of our kitchen cabinets. Twice I'm thwarted by imitations... Hershey's syrup in a bottle? blech! A squeeze bottle of aging Caramel topping? Ugh!... Mrs. Richardson's Hot Fudge Sauce? Come to mama!

So I check the date, pry open the lid and dish up a couple of spoonfuls of chocolaty goodness and pop it into the microwave. As I wait for my molten dish of yum, I noticed a canister of chopped peanuts, to add a crunchy topping to what was certain to be the best sundae ever!

A bowl, A couple of scoops of Vanilla and the molten choclatey goodness, my creation was just waiting for the crunchy topping. So I opened the canister and started sprinkling the peanuts over my sundae when something went TERRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG!!! For as I sprinkled, I began to notice the peanuts weren't so much sprinkling over the ice cream but more like coming out of the canister in cob webby strands. Something... SOMETHING, had breached the canister of peanuts and had made it's own little eco-system. *Copius amounts of gagging ensued*

That's when I turned on the garbage disposal, dumped my bowl of tainted sundae down the drain and made myself a cup of tea.

It's going to be a VERY long time before I have the desire for a sundae again.

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