Thursday, February 26, 2009

Biting off the hand that fed you.

I read the following article in today's paper and if you can't tell after reading this post, I'm REALLY pissed off and no I've never worked in radio:

WASHINGTON – Sheryl Crow,, Herbie Hancock and other entertainers on Tuesday urged Congress to force radio stations to pay performers when their music is broadcast.
You can read the rest by clicking on the link.

Seriously, SERIOUSLY???

I tried to locate the operating budget of our most popular local radio station but couldn't find it. This is what I did track down:

WSTW - 93.7 FM

Metro/ADI: Wilmington, Delaware MSA
Philadelphia, PA ADI
Power/Coverage: 50,000 watts - 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week
Covers 25 counties throughout Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
Format: Hot Adult Contemporary
Slogan: "Delaware's Choice for Hit Music"
Target Demographic: 18-49
Weekly Audience: 410,000*

I've met a few of the d.j.'s from our local station through the years and we're not talking Ryan Seacrest here. We're talking about people like you and me. They live in typical neighborhoods, have families to provide for and like every other average American citizen, they struggle to make ends meet.

BUT! Sheryl Crowe, Will-i-am, Herbie Hancock and Patti LaBelle want to make sure they get a cut of the very small pie.

You know, it used to be an artist would beg for the opportunity to have their music get some air time. How else was the public even to be aware they existed? Now with the advent of the internet, Youtube and MP-3's their music is available at the touch of a button. However, it's these same 'buttons' and the likes of Satellite radio, that have left local hometown radio stations hurting. Enter the recession and now their sponsors and advertising budgets are also dwindling. Much needed jobs start to disappear and the people left behind have to work harder than ever to keep things running.

Shame on YOU, Sheryl Crowe, Will-i-am, Herbie Hancock and Patti LaBelle!!! SHAME ON YOU! I wonder Mr. Hancock, did you consider the free airplay you received in the early 80's, the airplay which made your music SO popular, before you said the following?

"People deserve to be paid when somebody else uses their property," Hancock said.

Did you all take a severe hit in the stock market? Is this the reasoning behind such a lecherous act? Radio play is where you got your start... These are the people who helped MAKE you!

Here's what I propose the radio stations DO with your music:
Toss it out, burn it, hold a demonstration where a semi backs over it all, thereby proving your music will not get played without you getting your royalties.

Remember Sheryl Crowe, Will-i-am, Herbie Hancock and Patti LaBelle, out of sight means out of mind. Or in this case... If I don't HEAR it, it's easier to forget you or your music ever existed, you greedy bastards.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

No more anger.... Just, sadness

Today was our second summons to court in the case of 'Bike thief Boy.'

I swore to myself, that if he didn't appear today I was planning to search each and every house in this neighborhood until I found him and then drag him down to courthouse by his ear, myself. I didn't have to though, he showed today, in handcuffs... Someone else was given the responsibility to drag him in, against his will... and with that knowledge my anger melted away and puddled at my feet, making my feet all squishy in my shoes. All that was left was a deep feeling of sorrow. Sorrow for a boy who is in much more trouble than stealing a bicycle. Sorrow for a family who have more than likely experienced disappointment far greater than anything I've ever had to deal with.

But it wasn't just 'Bike thief Boy' that made me sad. In the States Attorney's office there was heartbreak in the form of a tiny 14 yr. old girl, who tried to appear tough until the attorney in the hallway announced the defendant in her trial was going to plead guilty of the sexual assault charges. I tried with all my might to appear focused in the book I was reading, but out of the corner of my eye I could see her bravado fade away and hear her trying to stifle sniffles and fight back tears. I wondered why her mom wasn't with her at that very moment, wrapping her small frame in protective and loving arms. Even after, the woman I perceived to be the young girls mother finished speaking with the attorney, there were no demonstrations of sympathy. She just asked if the girl wanted to go outside and walk around a bit. Maybe that was when the hugs were provided, I hope so anyway.

The other sadness that filled my heart, came from a family who entered the office just after my daughter and I took our seats. A mother with her face hardened by anger. A father with a now and again smile, as if trying to somehow diffuse his simmering wife. A daughter roughly 12 yrs. old and a son probably 15 yrs. old, who was quite obviously the reason behind his mother's ire. It was hard to figure this woman out, because when she walked into the little waiting room she greeted everyone with a sunny, "Good morning!" After which she appeared to display a great fury she could barely suppress as sat down on the bench next to me, across from her family in an obvious huff. She grabbed a nearby magazine, looked at her son and said, "You know, I'd much rather be shopping right now!" (well duh, wouldn't anybody?) Her son seemed to be working hard to maintain his blank expression but every time I glanced at him, I could see fear behind his eyes, eyes which appeared to be just shy of welling up. Though he tried hard not to show it, the skin on his face and neck were mottled with the redness of embarrassment. At one point while his mother flicked madly through the magazine she said, "OH GOOD, here's something WE could use... Navy!" She tore out a card and set it between us on the bench. I waited a moment and then glanced away from my book to the card on the bench and confirmed it was a Navy recruiting card. The woman continued to seethe as her son stared blankly. The dad looked helpless and the girl bored.

As I sat there pretending to read, I tried to put myself in this mothers situation. I don't know what the boy was in trouble for but I tried to imagine what my son could do that would make me treat him with such contempt. Maybe this wasn't the boys first time here? For some reason I didn't have that impression though. I think someone who had been through the court system before might look more bored. This boy looked scared... really scared behind that blank expression.

Later when we were downstairs, outside the courtroom, my daughter and I were seated in chairs directly across from the family. The mother would periodically get up from her chair and walk up and down the hall. The dad would give his son a look every so often which seemed to convey "I know, she's pissed, so sorry for you." Eventually an attorney stood before the family with his back to us. He said something about a plea bargain and stated, "Sometimes these things end up in the paper and conclusions are drawn, conclusions that could affect his future and we don't want that." At which the mother said, "But he'll be held accountable? I want him held accountable!" The attorney merely nodded and left. I hoped the boy wasn't in too much trouble. I also hoped he had someone in his life that would say, "What you did was wrong but regardless you are loved." I got the impression he didn't hear that very often and wondered if that might not be the reason he was in this situation.

We all continued to wait in the hallway outside the courtroom. After re-reading the paragraph in my book for the 5th time our caseworker exited the courtroom and informed me that 'Bike thief Boy' had plead guilty, he'd been ordered never to come near our home again and was being taken into custody. I looked at her sadly and said, "My guess is, he's in much more trouble than just a stolen bike." She said, "Yes, yes he is." I told her I was sorry for him and his family. She thanked both my daughter and myself for coming in a second time and told us we were free to go.

I left the courthouse with two thoughts. I thought about what a heartbreaking place it could be. The effect we have on each other by the choices we make. The effect we have on our own family by actions big or small. The other thing that made a big impression on me were the people who worked at the courthouse. From our caseworker, an older woman with a businesslike attitude but a warm and generous nature. To the bailiff, a large black woman who reminded me of Queen Latifah. The last time we were in court I watched her in the courtroom greet 5 teens who had been lead into the courtroom in shackles. A couple of the kids looked frightened and she greeted them with an infectious smile and light commentary on how nice Mr. Smith looks today (one of the young men in shackles who was dressed in a suit.) Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think kids in trouble need to be treated like mongrels and I was pleased to see that the people I came across treated everyone they worked with like human beings.

I hope the boy who walked into our garage and walked away with a bicycle, finds compassion from those he's dealing with now. I know I'm not angry anymore, just sad.


Monday, February 23, 2009

It is Written

I'm starting a new (fairly major) project and as a result was looking through my book of quotes today and ran across this one:

A handwritten personal letter has become a genuine modern-day luxury, like a child's pony ride.
-Shana Alexander

Here's a suggestion... When you get the chance, write out a letter or jot down a short note. Slip it into an envelope and send it to someone you care for. All it takes is a few moments and a stamp. Trust me, that small effort will add such a bright spot to someones day.

'The written word remains. The spoken word takes wing and cannot be recalled.'

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Friday, February 20, 2009


I Love the comment left by the person who submitted this video on youtube.

It says:
Us white guys have NEVER been cool... Ever.

You decide:

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What's on YOUR i-pod?

So I'm aware that people send around these blogging meme's (how do you pronounce that? My son says it's 'mee-mee'. For some reason I hate that pronunciation and pronounce it as 'mem' as in memoir, it's so much more elegant that way and I'm sure you're all quite aware of just how elegant [pronounced: el-ee-gaunt] I am.)

Okay, so anyway... There are all these 'Meme's' flying through cyber space regarding what people listen to on their i-pod. While I was walking this morning I decided I wanted the world (or the 3 people that read my blog) to be 'in the know' as to what I'm listening too.... Narcissistic much?... Nah!

Now, I'll remind you I haven't had my i-pod for very long so my play list is still rather brief and to be fair, I'm not listing EVERY song, just the ones I enjoy the most while exercising. You know, the ones that really get my ass moving, my heart pumping and my pony-tail bobbing. I should also add, I'm no runner. I'm a power walker. So the songs I find particularly enjoyable to walk to all have a pounding steady beat.

So here goes: Oh, by the way, the ones with the stars are particular favorites and yes, I know I have very diverse taste in music.

Let's get it started - Black Eyed Peas* (always a great start to a workout.)

Foreplay/Longtime - Boston (Takes a little to get going with Foreplay but as the crescendo builds it induces a 'Get your ass moving' kind of high... Oh, and this goofy video, cracks me up!)

Get this party started - Pink (not one of my favs, I've got it on there with Lady Marmalade but neither of them are particularly inspiring and the latter is too slow, I may take these two songs out of the mix. What I should do is add Because we Can from my Moulin Rouge soundtrack in their place.)

Pour some sugar on me - Def Leppard (ya know, I thought this would be good to walk to, driving beat and all but it's just too slow, so I usually skip it. I like the song though.

Don't bring me down - ELO (I had to have some ELO in their, this song from the 'Time' album is from the first concert I ever attended, on the first date with the man I married... Romantic, I know. Kind of a stupid video though.)

I don't care - Fall Out Boy **(Hell, I have the entire 'Folie a Deux' album and listen to it all the way through during my workout. Each song has a driving beat that keeps me pumped, except for 'What a catch/Donnie' but every workout needs a cool down tune.)

Arms race - Fall Out Boy **(Yep, I have the entire 'Infinity on High' cd in there too.)

Love Today - Mika (Might as well make the deepest descent into geekdom by adding this one. Actually, I should just admit I've got the whole album on there too, but the only ones I listen to for the workout are Grace Kelly, Relax & Big Girls You are Beautiful... Of course!)

Now just so I can have the chance to redeem myself and my taste in music... Here's my all time fav:

Black Betty - Ram Jam*** (I can hit replay over and over on this song and keep goin' strong with every listen.)

Funk 49 - The James Gang (this is more of a 'truckin' song, so I don't play it often, but I like it!)

I'd really like to set up an i-tunes account but my husband is terrified I'll squander away our life savings .99 cents at a time... But here's a list of songs I'm compiling which I'd like to add to my workout repertoire:

Are you gonna be my girl - Jet

Ballroom Blitz - The Sweet (There are few songs more grin inducing than the beginning of this one... "Are you ready Steve?".... "Ah-huh"... "Andy?".... "Yeaaah"... "Mick?".... "Oh-kay".... "Alright fellas, let's GOooooooooo!")

Lose Yourself - Eminem (Maybe the beat is too slow but it's driving and a message of taking it on despite the hardship.)

So what's on YOUR i-pod? Got any suggestions I should add to my list?

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Dammit, they're BACK!

Temptation has suddenly appeared and it's everywhere I look.

Oh, it may look innocent enough, cleverly disguised in the form of little girls. But those little girls are EVIL and the goods they our toting are so deliciously addictive.

Only Satan himself could've come up with the idea of wrapping fat-laden cookies, in gaily colored boxes, charging a whopping $3.50 a piece for them and employing adorable little girls everywhere to throw people off so they lose all sense of reason.

I vow to withstand the temptation of Satan's little minions and not allow them to become the ultimate demise of THIS woman's New Years Resolution.

But dammit, my resolve is growing weaker as the 'Thin Mints' currently residing in my frigde keep calling my name.
See what I mean? Who, I ask you, is able to withstand such cuteness?

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Mister Harumph!

I want to get a puppy.

There, I said it. I want to get a puppy! What? I have my reasons. Our lab Anna, you see, is getting up there in years. She's getting gimpy. Hey, don't look at me like that! It's not like I'm looking to replace her... NO SIREE! What I'd like to do is introduce some youthful exuberance into her life. I also worry that someday (hopefully many years from now) when she eventually leaves us for that big giant field in the sky, where she can run completely unleased to her hearts content, yeah, that place up there known as doggie heaven... Well, I know the void she leaves will be unbearable. I purpose another dog might be able to fill a small space in that void. Not only that, but I think a new pup will add a whole new element of love to our lives.

I want this new family member to be a small puppy for a few reasons.
  1. I believe Anna will be more accepting of a pup. She's an alpha-female when she gets around other dogs and I definitly want another female. If she can establish herself as the alpha-female with a pup, who isn't old enough to challenge that, then I feel the transition will go much more smoothly.
  2. Puppies are easier to train. Anna had the bad habit of running away when we got her at 10 months old from the SPCA and whatever traumas she encountered before she came to us, created a deep neurosis in her we've never been able to break through. With a new pup we can be fully responsible for any traumas we create.
  3. I'm home, I've got time, energy and patience enough to do the whole pup training thing.
  4. The kids really want a pup (yeah, I know... Big surprise.)
  5. Puppies are so damn cute!
Enter my husband, Mr. Harumph! "Why would you want to introduce an unknown factor into this house?" "Who knows what kind of damage a puppy will do?" "What, who, why, where?"

We had a family meeting in where we discussed all the possibilities we could think of which might make for this being a good or a bad decision. I've spoken with our cousin who is the 'Canine Specialist' in the family. I've been doing some reading on integrating a new pet into a family with an elder dog... And I've got a call into our vet to get her opinion and to ask if she could keep her eyes open for any lab/retriever pups that might need a good home. We're not AKC people. We're save a mutt people. We just like to be sure the mutt is of a breed mix we've found to be the most amiable to our lifestyle.

Mr. Harumph! hasn't really given his approval. He just gave the same answer he gave me when we got our first dogs (2 lab/spaniel mix puppies from the pound... I should note we were there looking for one adult dog.) and that answer was, "Well, I guess it's up to you... but you know how I feel.... harumph!" I hate when he does that because it always leaves me feeling that tinge of guilt and anytime there's a tinge of guilt associated with any of my decisions, I can never feel 100% good about them. Besides, I think he gives me that answer just so he can reserve the right to say, "I told you so." whenever he sees fit.

Mr. Harumph, ineed!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Love/Hate Relationship with Valentine's Day

It's that time of year again... Freakin' Valentine's Day!

My earliest crappy memory of V-Day occurred just shy of the holiday on Feb. 9, 1971. I was 6 yrs. old, in first grade and had all of my classmates valentines cards carefully organized on a shelf in my room in the house where I lived with my dad and grandparents. At 6:00am I was jolted awake by a thunderous noise and violent shaking. My bed seemed a thing possessed as it shuddered & shimmied its way across my room. I laid there as still as possible, somewhat in shock as to exactly what was going on.

My dad eventually appeared in my doorway, shouting my name. He was afraid I might be gravely injured, since I wasn't moving a
muscle, just laying stiff on my bed which had taken on a life of its own. Once I realized my dad was calling me I sat up and in one fell swoop he had me in his arms and was struggling down the hall to get us out of the house.

Both of my grandparents, my dad and myself made it out of the house. My grandpa had suffered an injury to his knee when the washing machine shifted and caught his leg between itself and a cabinet but other than that we were none the worse for wear. I remember well, all of us sitting in lawn chairs in the backyard for several hours, wrapped in blankets to ward off the chill of the cold morning air. My dad and grandpa were unsure if the house was structurally sound or if there might be a gas leak. It was also important to be careful of aftershocks following the quake. So the sun was high in the sky before the men felt it safe enough to go back inside the house.

As for me, my mind was centered on school. Would I be able to go today? (No, not for another 2 weeks due to some
damage to the school.) Would we still have a Valentine Party? and did the rock-candy experiment our class had worked on survive the earthquake? All the answers of course were NO.

I don't have much of a memory as to the damage incurred to our home. A lot of broken dishes and food on the floor because cupboard doors had flown open and spilled their contents (kitchen cupboards all across the region were all fitted with latches following the quake.) I also remember the washer and dryer had pulled loose from the wall and were standing in the middle of the kitchen. But! I'll never forget the mess of those valentines scattered all over the floor of my room, some of them damaged when the shelf collapsed and the bed had run over them. It's funny how the littlest thing becomes so important to a child.

It was a while before I understood this type of devastation had occurred:

That's a truck you see crushed under the fallen overpass... And no, the occupant didn't survive.

This is an aerial view of the VA hospital, 35 patients died here.

Authorities feared the San Fernando dam might collapse, causing the evacuation of some 80,000 people who lived in the valley below.

I really shouldn't complain because for some Feb. 9, 1971 was a horrifically life altering event. With regards to my life however, Valentine's Day from that point on, pretty much followed a similar pattern, though never quite as violent, but still leaving me with the same sinking feeling.

If you're interested, here's another personal account I found of the quake.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

TNS Tuesday - The Abandonment

It's been a long time since I've written about my kids school TNS. When this subject came up I thought it the perfect blogging opportunity.

If you've read posts I've written about my kids school in the past, I'm sure you've come to understand that a democratic education is anything but traditional. While you CAN learn the basics at TNS, you can bet your going to be challenged on things you wouldn't get with most educations.

For example, my son attends a bi-weekly class titled 'Boy Class'... It's a simple title for a complex class. A typical 'Boy Class' might involve a discussion on Honesty, Self-Reliance, Sexuality or How to treat a girl respectfully. The 'Boy Class' is made up of roughly eight guys and always involves an open discussion and sharing of thoughts and ideas. So it's my understanding that the group came up with the idea of 'The Abandonment' together and the list of rules which accompany the exercise.

The Abandonment is exactly that... The members of the class were paired off into teams, which were chosen by drawing straws. The teams were then told they needed to be prepared for their 'Abandonment' at any time, for they couldn't be sure which day their team would be drawn from the hat.

The Abandonment entails being blind-folded with your partner and driven to a undisclosed location (A State Park) and well, Abandoned. The object is for the team to find their way to a location where they can purchase a balanced meal, featuring the four food groups, with the twenty dollars they have been provided. The team is given a GPS and a cell phone. They're instructed to use the GPS only if they feel they're hopelessly lost and the phone only when they've achieved their goal and are ready to be picked up or in case of emergency. It's kind of 'Orienteering' but without maps and control points.

After each group has had their opportunity to be 'Abandoned' the members would meet and discuss who best achieved the goal of finding civilization and aquiring a healthy meal. I'm sure each group will have their own methods of interpreting how well they did. BUT judging from the report my son gave, I think he and his partner won. Here's how it went down...

The first duo was dropped at a state park roughly 12 miles from the school. The two boys had their blindfolds removed, eventually found a map in the state park and made their way towards the school. They walked roughly 11 miles, made their way to a diner and ate what some might consider a healthy meal, but others might disagree. Eggs, bacon, toast, home fries and for the veggie a pickle. The other meal consisted of a cheese-steak, with catsup and the veggie. I don't know about the health benefits of catsup? But the real clincher was, if they'd only walked 1/4 mile in the opposite direction they would've found a place much closer to acquire food.

Another pair who asked to be really challenged, were dropped at a state park roughly 25 miles from the school. They were fortunate (or maybe not so fortunate) to run into a park maintnance worker of whom they inquired where they might find food. He asked them why they were lost and they explained. They were then asked if they did so willingly, which I'm sure was a relief to the maintnance guy. They weren't however, thrilled to find out that the 'food source' he suggested turned out to be a liquor store. Eventually they were able to acquire food but healthy food pickin's were scarce at a gas station mini-mart. They're four food group lunch consisted of a sardine sandwich (the sardines we're told, resembled minnow bits more than whole sardines... I know, Eeeewwwww!), Spam on bread, canned green beans they opened with a can opener they puchased. Each guy also had a can of fruit juice, a muffin and a pastry. But they did TRY to cover the four food groups.

My son and his partner Mike were the last group chosen. The day they were taken out was bright and sunny but quite cold. There was still a lot of snow on the ground and when Mike had his blindfold removed he immediately became snow blind. My son Zak, was careful to look at his dark colored jacket while his eyes adjusted to the bright light. Now I know it sounds like my son was the hero in this telling but you have to understand, he really is a bright kid but he was also the one reiterating the story.

So anyway, once the blindfolds came off and they were left to their own devices, Mike suggested they head east because he had the distinct feeling they were in Pennsylvania. Zak decided that was too impulsive and they should climb a nearby hill to see if they could get a better idea of where they were. Once they reached the top of the hill they were able to see a water tower and a cell phone tower and determined that would lead to civilization. Eventually they found a state park map and realized they were near a road they recognized. In fact, not only did they recognize it, Mike lives on that road. So in under 45 minutes they figured out where they were and made their way to Mike's house where they enjoyed a healthy lunch which consisted of ham & cheese sandwiches, milk, celery sticks and clementine oranges... Not only did they not spend any of their alotted money BUT they ate healthy too. So in my opinion, I think they won... But maybe I'm partial.

So the guys haven't had their follow up meeting yet, where they vote on who they believe most successfully carried out the rules of 'The Abondonment' but I think they all learned how to depend on eachother, be resourceful, understand they're capable... Each of these things in maybe a small way but definitely in ways that make an impression on what they're able to achieve when they put their mind to something. And that's just a little peek of what sort of challenges there are at The New School.

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Jumbled Up Mass of Personal Shit

I haven't been around much lately, I'm certain all 3 of you out there have been struggling with the disappointment and for that I apologize.

When family shit raises it's ugly head I find it difficult to focus or even consider the light hearted fair I usually serve up here at The Treehouse. I've thought about writing of my dysfunctional past, if only to find a place to pour out my frustrations and maybe receive some feedback that I'm 'Doing the right thing' but I've never been much of a subscriber to the 'Poor Me' blogs, which serve up heaping steaming piles of emotional angst.

So, I'll pound a few more pillows, cry a few more tears, continue to control my emotions through constructive means like exercise and critical thinking, instead of stuffing my face full of a pint of Ben & Jerry's finest. Then before I know it, I'll have a nice thick scab over this festering wound which every now and again get's torn open.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


One of the kids at school really pissed my son off yesterday. My usually mild-mannered boy told me that in order to get the kids attention he had to go Red Ross* on him.

You see, it's when he says stuff like that, it makes me laugh so hard, milk comes out of my nose... If I were drinking milk at the time, that is.

*Red Ross - 3:52... My boy knows I'm a big 'Friends' fan.

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Guess who had a visit from the sheriff and was handed ANOTHER subpoena to appear in court AGAIN?

That's right, my daughter and I get to drag our tired asses, at the butt-crack of dawn, back to the courthouse, at the end of the month. It seems 'Bike Thief Boy' is headed back to trial and he damn well better show up this time!

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Sinister Snow People

When my son was a very wee lad, his dad decided to create a very special surprise for him. It was a snowy evening, one of the first my son would remember, though not quite the way my husband intended him to remember it. You see, my husband had the wonderful idea to create a snowman for his son, not just any snowman, a SURPRISE snowman!

While my son played away in the family room, my husband spent a good half-hour on the deck creating a 5 1/2 foot tall snowman. He gave it gum ball seed eyes, a carrot nose, a large smile, twigs for arms and a jaunty hat. He placed his creation just outside our kitchen window. When his surprise was completed, he had me carry Zak over to the kitchen window as he stood outside and pointed out the new friend. The problem? Dad didn't anticipate, actually neither of us anticipated the reaction we received because when Zak saw Dad's surprise, he screamed in terror and not so much flew into my arms but launched his entire body over my shoulder and nearly down my back. I think he cried for the next hour and it was days before he would go anywhere near the kitchen window again, despite the fact we took him outside to show him the stranger was simply made of snow.

Did Dad's surprise have a lasting effect? You bet, our son was afraid of windows at night for at least the next 7-10 years. His greatest fear is still home invasion. My guess this all has something to do with the gift his dad created for him when he was small. Poor Dad, how could he have known?

Tonight, my daughter tried to get him back with THIS surprise:

Isn't she lovely? I think it's a she.

Did my daughter manage to scare her Dad? Well no, but he DID have a good laugh and we were sure to put my son at ease before we led him over to the window.

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Departing Wisdom

Today my son had a consultation with an oral surgeon to schedule the removal of his wisdom teeth.

Despite the horrific memories I have etched deep in my brain, of my own nightmarish date with doom, I remained positive throughout the appointment and did my best not to share any horror stories. Details which I probably shouldn't go into here, because he might read this. I will however, share two words with you 'Dry Socket'

I've got to hand it to the kid. He doesn't seem too terribly worried about the whole thing... And now that I think about it, why should he be? After all, last year around this time he was in the hospital having his lung surgically scraped. Even after the percoset, he was still wincing in pain from the tube stuck in his rib cage, due to his persistent problems with the Spontaneous Pneumothorax.

So yeah, I guess getting four teeth pulled seems minimal when it comes to surgical procedures, but that didn't keep him from asking for the full offering of anesthesia options.

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