Thursday, November 30, 2006

So... Is she HOT or NOT?

While passing the neighborhood firehouse this morning, I noticed the following announcement featuring the date and time of the event on the marquee:

'Miss Fire Prevention Contest'

And it just left me wondering... Will the winner be HOT or NOT?


Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Capital Idea!

We spent our Thanksgiving with my mother-in-law who lives quite close to Washington D.C.

For our anniversary my husband and I stole away to the Crystal City Marriott... Forgoing the car and travelling around by Metro. We spent a great deal of time seeing sights we hadn't visited in a while and did a LOT of walking... A great way to get rid of some of those extra holiday calories.

We had such a nice time that we decided to take the kids into the district on Sunday. It was a perfectly beautiful day and most of the tourists were already heading home at that point so it made it even more enjoyable.

Here are some pics of our trip that I wanted to share...

My daughter holds the Washington Monument in the palm of her hand... Oooo, Ahhh... If my husband and I hadn't already walked the mall all the way down to the Lincoln Memorial the day before we might've gotten a pic of either my son or daughter with the 'pencil' up their nose... Perspective photography, a fun way to amuse yourself and your friends.

We went to the National Botanical Gardens which left both my daughter and I wishing we had more of a green thumb... Mine is sadly a very dark shade of black... I found it astonishing, yet not too surprising that my daughter was able to find this little fellow amongst ALL of the flora and fauna.
My son came across this exhibit at the 'Hirschorn Museum' and we completely lost verbal communication with him for a period of time... He was in another world and later said, "It speaks to me!"... Again, not too surprised that 70 video monitors flashing bright colors would send him into a trance.
The new 'American Indian Museum' is a sight to behold... A beautiful sculptural addition to the mall with it's stunning stone facade and fountains surrounding it... However, you'll want to take a second mortgage out on your home should you decide to eat lunch there.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Making my ears bleed...

Christmas Music, Holiday Tunes, Festive Melodies, Choirs singing of Good Tidings... I DO enjoy all of these.... However, I'm not fond of having to listen to Britney Spears moan about "All she wants for Christmas this year" while I'm trying to accomplish my grocery shopping. Nor do I wish to hear Bruce Springsteen's gutteral groans reminding me that "Santa Claus is comin' to town" while I pick out my fresh vegetables... I'd just like to get my food in peace!

The last thing I wish to be reminded of while trying to gather food for the week is the fact that I SHOULD be focusing my efforts on getting the chores that come along with Christmas fulfilled. I know, you'll say, "It's Christmas, a time to take joy in the season of love and giving." I agree whole heartedly! But, there are presents to buy (which means a lot of decision making, ugh!)... gifts to wrap & ship... baking to be done... cards to be written, addressed & mailed... decorations to be lugged out of crawl spaces and carefully displayed... And I'm sorry but Rosie O'Donnell & Cher crooning a holiday duet have the absolute opposite effect of calming my nerves... Frankly, the sound makes me want to throw canned peaches at the markets speaker system.

So today, here's to informing grocery store managers that holiday tunes aren't exactly soothing and letting the celebrities know that I'd like it a lot better if they'd just shut it!


Monday, November 27, 2006

And they said it wouldn't last...

Yesterday my husband and I celebrated 23 years of wedded bliss... Oh, let's be realistic... We celebrated 23 years as husband and wife!

It hasn't all been 'Blissful' but it HAS been 'Wonderful'... As with any relationship we've had our ups and our downs... Times when we've wanted to knock eachother upside the head and say, "What were you thinking?" and times when we haven't wanted to speak to one another at all! But always, ALWAYS there has been love and respect.

When we first married I looked at this man as my 'Prince Charming'... The one who came to save me from a life of put downs, abuse and people who made me feel less than I knew I was worth. In the beginning of the marriage I played the part of a child, following instructions because I didn't know my own mind, believing myself helpless and acting spoiled when I didn't get my way. I was 19 yrs. old and still had so much growing up to do. Thankfully he was patient with me as I went through the process of maturing.

Today, I consider myself a strong and independent woman. Capable, even tempered and aware of my worth as a Wife, Mother and an Individual. I'm so grateful for the man I married and the wonderful family I married into... A Mother-In-Law who treats me as though I were one of her own... Brother & Sisters-In-Law who treat me as a sibling, teasing and all!

It's been an amazing ride these last 23 years. I wouldn't change a moment, because from all of it, the good and the not so good I grew as a person. I look forward to what the next 23 yrs. will bring and I think to myself, what a lucky woman I am... Not only that but... What a lucky guy HE is and what a fortunate couple WE are!


Friday, November 24, 2006

The Tablecloth

Ever since the year 2000 our family has had a tradition that is known as the 'Thanksgiving Tablecloth'. I'd like to say it was a purely original idea but it's actually something I picked up from 'Family Fun' magazine.

Every Thanksgiving my mother-in-law spreads the same white, 8 ft., snowflake covered tablecloth over the dining room table and each year we take our turns writing out a message of thanks, or in some cases just plain goofy thoughts on our special canvas.

The beauty of 'The Tablecloth' is that one forgets what they've written from year to year and the result is a trip down memory lane both poignant and mirthful. Here's a sampling of some of my favorite thoughts...

In 2004 my husband wrote: "This Thanksgiving I'm sadder yet hopefully wiser for the events that took place. More than anything I am grateful for everyone in my family."
(My father-in-law had passed away in July of that year.)

In 2001 my daughter drew a picture of the twin towers and an American Flag and wrote about being "Thankful to live in a free country." Every year since my daughter has added lovely artwork to the tablecloth... To the point that we are running out of room to write much of anything on her side of the table.

In 2005 I wrote that I was "Thankful for 'Electricity'!" There had been a terrible wind-storm that year and my mother-in-laws home had lost power long enough that we thought we were going to have to move the turkey from the oven and take it over to my brother-in-laws house 20 miles away.

My son who is simply not a writer dictated his message of being "Thankful for his family." back in 2000 and since then he simply writes "Ditto" underneath it and signs his name.

One year my sister-in-law wrote: "Hey, who wrote on the tablecloth?"

My father-in-law, the year before he passed away wrote a simple prayer, "Dear Lord for this thy bounty let us be truely grateful." Even though he is no longer with us, his thought and his spirit live on at our Thanksgiving table.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006


The next few days are going to be quite busy around here but I thought this would be a nice image to leave you with.
Happy Thanksgiving All!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

'Merry Potter'

Here I am... Involved in my new favorite past-time... 'Throwing Pots'

I have yet to accomplish anything of 'Ghost' like proportions (ie. Demi Moore & Patrick Swayze's erotic scene on the wheel.)... Meaning, conspicuous phallic pieces that soar to a miraculous height. Mostly I'm achieving ramekin size bowls, mugs and creamer size pitchers.... But, oh the joy and serenity of molding a slab of clay into a completely unique piece of art... It's one of those skills that looks incredibly easy when you watch someone else do it, but try your own hand at it and you wonder how in the hell they make it look so simple???

At some point I'll post pics of a couple of my finished pieces but SOME of the people WHO I know read my blog, just might be receiving a certain item for Christmas and I'd really hate to minimize the surprise before they get a chance to open it. ;-)


Monday, November 20, 2006


Last night we had Take-out Chinese for dinner and as I drifted off to sleep this question jumped into my head...

Which came first - Colonel Sanders or General Tso?

Anybody?.... Anybody?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Anna Banana Sunday - Warm Hearth, Warm Heart

It's a Dog's Life!
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's the thought that counts...

I was reading the latest issue of 'Good Housekeeping' this morning and came across an article titled 'The worst gift ever... and then what to do with them.'

I just HAD to share my favorite:

Save it for Halloween? "A relative once gave me an angel that was holding a little electric candle." recalls Sandra. "The angel's arms swing back and forth, and when the candle tilts the wrong way, it looks as though she's trying to stab herself in the chest."

...Wait, I think I saw that angel on display at Walmart!

The worst gift I ever received... Well, there were 2 actually and I received them both the same year for Christmas...
  1. A varigated lime green, hand knitted 'dickie' from my paternal grandma... I thought it was a lampshade cover.
  2. A really cool calculator (a REALLY big deal back in 1978!), which I was extremely excited about. Only to find that there was no calculator inside the box... Apparently my maternal grandma had purchased the box for the display model... Never did get the calculator.

So what's the worst... Um, sorry... Most INTERESTING gift you've ever received?

Friday, November 17, 2006

That's MY Dooce!

The reason I became a blogger are purely and quite simply because of my admiration for the ONE, who in my humble opinion, is the best damn blogger of them all Heather Armstrong, a woman who makes blogging an art form.

I stumbled upon her website, known as Dooce while randomly searching for a link to see if it was possible to install recessed lighting in a plaster & lathe ceiling. Heather and her husband John had remodeled their kitchen and posted the most entertaining account of 'Do It Yourself'ing' that I'd ever encountered. I read through days/months/years of previous posts and was instantly hooked!

As a Mother and 'Former' Mormon myself, with a taste for (I'll admit it) the raunchy side of humor and a propensity for the outrageous... I became a Dooce o' phobe! Heather's use of finely tuned metaphor's and wickedly fun observations make me want to bow down to her superiority as a blogger and chant, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!" Not to mention the fact that she's a kick-ass photographer!

"So there I am, Gap sweater and khakis that I bought on clearance, and shoes I got two-for-one at Mervyns, and even though my hair and make-up had been crafted by a professional, I felt like a five foot eleven inch thumb. It did not help that the other people who had been invited to the discussion were all male political bloggers, one of whom is currently working on his Ph.D. at Harvard. Where did I go to college? An institution whose administration was so offended by the nudity contained in some of Rodin’s finest sculptures that they stuck The Kiss in a dark basement and refused to allow their students to see it. You could say that my education was robust."

My daily Dooce is like eating the finest dark chocolate... A little naughty, but SO worth the indulgence!

Heather's recent posts detail her trip to NYC to take part in a 'Bloggers' round table discussion on CNN along with some of the 'heavyweights' in the Blogging world. The topic was 'Time Magazine's Person of the Year'. It's fairly evident that Heather doesn't take herself too seriously when it comes to blogging and was aware that not only was she invited for comic relief but to also prove to the world that we 'stay at home Mom's', while involved in a serious business, don't take ourselves too seriously. Heather was considering 'Britney Spears' as Time Magazine's Person of the Year.

All I can say is, WAY TO GO HEATHER!!! I don't know you from Adam and yet, I feel like a close confidante and best friend... And I can't wait to watch you on CNN!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The front page of today's paper states that O.J. is coming out with a new book the title of which is 'IF I did it'... This is the quote from Kim Goldman, Ron Goldman's sister:
"He's snubbing his finger to the system, to the community again. He's telling us one more time, 'I'm gonna continue to get away with killing your family members and I'm not gonna honor the judgement and look at me, ha, ha, ha.'"

This latest attempt of O.J.'s to dredge up such painful memories and make a mockery of such a heinous crime leaves me infuriated... I can't EVEN imagine what it's doing to the hearts and minds of the Brown and Goldman families.

I suppose O.J.'s attempt at finding the 'Real Killers' on every golf course in the country turned up few leads. Being the sharp guy that he is, it surely led him to fantasizing as to just how HE would have committed the crime, given the opportunity... I'm willing to bet he didn't have to think TOO hard!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That's Entertainment?

The other night I was flipping channels searching for something to fill an open time slot in my evening routine and came across a show called 'The Girls Next Door' on the 'E' channel. Has anyone heard or seen this? A show about 3 playmates who're (who are and whore both applicable here) sharing 'Hef' as their sugar daddy.

They all peacefully co-exist at the playboy mansion and 'Hef' gets 'treats' whenever he wants from which ever girl he chooses... That is I assume, 'if' and 'when' the Viagra kicks in.

C'mon, please... please tell me that this is a reality show blown WAY out of proportion... Because the thought of 3 beautiful young girls eagerly waiting for their turn at a roll in the hay with someone that's nearly 60 yrs. older than themselves just makes the bile rise in my throat!

Monday, November 13, 2006

No Offense

After starting my 4th grade year at a public school I went to live with my mom and was transferred into a private 'Adventist' school. I wasn't really raised in the 'Seventh-Day Adventist Church' other than attending 'Sabbath School' every other Saturday, when my mom had visitation rights. Thus I kind of knew the basics regarding Jesus and the Bible... However, I was NOT prepared well enough when one day, a couple weeks into my 'Adventist School' experience I was harshly admonished for saying, "Oh my god!" while playing a game of 'Capture the Flag' on the playground. I remember my name being called out sharply by a teacher on the playground and summoned to approach her. I had absolutely NO idea WHAT I had done and slunk over because I knew by the tone with which my name was called that whatever it was... it was BAD! I stood before the teacher and received a verbal smack-down for using Gods name in vain and was told "Don't EVER let me hear you use that phrase AGAIN!" I was terribly frightened. Mostly because I was the type of kid that did everything in my power to be a 'people pleaser'... Here I was just two weeks into a new school and I was branded as foul mouthed... And yet I had NO idea why, what I had said was so offensive... Everyone I knew up to that point, including my mother used that phrase. I still shake inside when I think about the incident because I was treated so harshly for something I wasn't even aware of being wrong.

I attended the school for 2 yrs. and it didn't take long to find out that the use of "shoot, darn & gosh" were also frowned upon... Because they were forms of the same bad language... You used those words and you were looked at with a glare that said, "I KNOW what you meant to say!" Loud growls of frustration were acceptable so instead of a school of kids that were going to hell we sounded like a wild-life reserve.

Old habits die hard and since I had only a couple of years of expression repression, it wasn't long before I was back to my old ways. Heck, I grew up in Southern California when the 80's were rife with 'Valley Girls' exclaiming, "Like O' ma gahd, I'm SO sur!" I've never said the phrase to offend anyone. I'm simply not the type of person to antagonize and I always try to show respect for the beliefs of others.

Which brings me to last Friday night. We went out to dinner with a group of friends, some of which, we are well aware, are Catholic. When one of the guys bowed his head and crossed himself before his meal, I felt mildly uncomfortable as I always am with open displays of religion outside of a church. But hey, if that's what he feels is important, than so be it. The thing that got me majorly flustered was when I was telling a story and I said, "Oh my god!" and he immediately bowed his head and crossed himself. I KNOW it's MY baggage but I was immediately back on the playground in 4th grade feeling flustered and embarressed... And yes, a bit angry too! There were several other Catholics at the table. Thankfully, none of them felt the need to ask for God's forgiveness over MY 'blasphemy.'

I've spent the last few days mulling this event over in my head. Part of me is terribly ashamed that I might have offended my friend. Part of me is angry for feeling ashamed... After all, it's NOT part of MY beliefs. I'm of the opinion that it's important to respect what one holds sacred. But there is this line which one must not cross when it comes to imposing ones beliefs on another. The line here is subtle. Am I more upset about having offended his idea of what is right or wrong?... Or that he offended me by imposing those beliefs upon me, by assuming I was insulting HIS God with a simple phrase?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Anna Banana Sunday - A Crisp Fall Day

A moment to smile for the camera before she goes back to playing in the leaves.
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Friday, November 10, 2006

Happy Moments...

I know I've used this picture in an earlier post but nothing signifies happiness to me like a bluebird. It's significant in the way that happiness isn't something you can count on or plan for... Happiness, like the bluebird, just appears out of... Well, out of the blue. Whenever I catch sight of a bluebird I'm immediately struck with all of the things I have to be grateful for.

Last night was a 'Bluebird' kind of evening. Though there were no bluebirds in the vicinity, I was struck with the happiness that comes in on the wing of a bird. A moment when you take note of your surroundings and seemingly float above it all, taking it all in so you can revel in the warmth when you think back to it at a later time.

We held a dinner party last night with friends from school and our guest from South Africa. The food was delicious... The conversation delightful and the company most pleasant. There came a time during the evening when folks split off into different conversations and shared different interests... One of our guests sat down at the piano and played lovely music he had composed. Another guest sat on the floor with my daughter and played a lively game of 'Pick-up Snakes' (it's like pick-up sticks but the sticks are wavy, brightly colored snakes.) My son and another guest played a chess like game that involves a lasar and mirrors, which involved strategy and a lot of laughter... Others sat in a group and discussed education, books and art.

Dinner, Music, Laughter, Human Companionship, Coffee & Dessert... There were definitly bluebirds present.
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I haven't travelled much. Oh sure, I've seen a lot of the United States... Been to Hawaii a couple of times even. Travel abroad? Well, I've been to Victoria, Canada and Tijuana, Mexico... I've cruised as far south as the Bahamas but there's so little I know of the rest of the world.

I'm torn at the idea of travelling abroad. I'm so bad at math that the idea of foreign exchange rates gives me the shakes. There's also the thought of travelling to a country where English isn't the first language. The very notion of being unable to communicate a basic need horrifies me.

I do seem to have a feeling of wanderlust... I often wonder if I were to travel to say Italy or Australia, would I find a sense of commonality in my surroundings? Or would it be quite the opposite... Would I be in awe of how different everything is from what I'm familiar with?

We currently are hosts to a houseguest from South Africa. A lovely woman who runs a Montessori School and is visiting The New School which my kids attend in hopes of incorporating some of our schools democratic ideals. My guest and I sat over breakfast this morning discussing politics and points of view. I don't think she knows how monumental it was for me to gain a perspective on what goes on elsewhere in the world and the perception others have of our nation, our government and our people. Our guest is here until Saturday and I still have so much I want to learn. I'm already left with the notion that should I ever go to South Africa I think I might see a great deal of commonality, not only in the landscape but in the people.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Chunkin' the Pumpkin'...

I've never been to Woodstock... But I think I got a taste of it this weekend... Minus the great music, that is! Saturday we drove 2 hrs. south to attend 'Punkin' Chunkin' an annual event in Delaware which always takes place the weekend after Halloween. Discovery channel airs a documentary detailing the event... Perhaps you've seen it? I have, but believe me... It's nothing like actually being there... Let me paint you a picture, but first we'll start with a couple of photos: Figure A
Figure B

Notice the line of traffic in Figure A... This photo illustrates the the first 30-40 min. wait we had on the access road TO the 'Punkin' Chunkin' event. The road snaked around several times which served to leave the occupants in the car breathless as to what might manifest itself around the next bend... More often than not all that was visible were more cars and another bend in the road.

Figure B illustrates the multiple rows of traffic we were led to once we finally reached the main field of operation. We were in the first row, there are roughly 7 other rows of traffic to our right. I chose not to take any photos out of the left side of our car where all manner of rv's, trailers, school buses and campers were parked... Along with the drunken attendees relieving themselves at, near or against said, rv's/trailers/school buses/campers... There were port o' potties but I guess they were too far away to safely navigate in an advanced state of inebriation or the lines were just too long.

The gal who took our money at the end of the 'parking lot from hell' was quite obviously schooled in some form of 'new math' when she told us, "That'll be $29... 3 people @ $7 ea. + $2 to park!" (my daughter rode with our friends who got separated from us when the state troopers who were alternating rows of cars coming in from the two access roads cut the end of the line just after our friends in front of us made it through... But of course!) My husband explained to the girl 'HIS' version of the math problem and we paid our $21. This is when parking became a 'Free for all'... Rather than well managed event parking... ie, follow the car in front of you and slide into the spot next to him... This manner of parking meant winding around through cars parked at odd angles, dodging the drunks, fire pits and lawn chairs and searching for an empty spot... It didn't take us any more than say another 15 min. for that to happen... So all in all it only took us about 1 hr and 45 min. to park once we reached the event.

Let me take a moment to explain something here... My husband is the most wonderful guy... Normally a patient man with a very even temper... He's not an impulsive guy and he's usually quite frugal.... But, 'Punkin' Chunkin' can do funny things to some people. In fact, 'Punkin Chunkin' turned this once patient mans face into a twisted, reddened, tight lipped visage of rage. This once frugal man was threatening to leave before we even parked $29 or $21 be damned because according to him it was worth any price just to get out of this "Hell hole!" We were however separated from our friends now... And more importantly, our daughter... So we HAD to find them... No problem, just dial the cell-phone and see if we can figure out where they are.... Did you know that there are still parts of Delaware that encounter spotty cell phone service? Yeah, we weren't aware of it until the little window on my cell phone informed me it was "Searching for Service"... Now some people might panic or blow their top at this point... Some kind of did, but I won't point any fingers. I, on the other hand just tried to relax and waited for cell service which eventually returned, left and returned again. We DID finally find our friends and tried to make light of the situation with jokes and laughter... All except that calm, cool, patient man I married... There wasn't enough ice in Southern Delaware to douse that fire.

Eventually we made our way over to the fence line to watch the 'Punkin' Chuckin' machines. In light of all the problems getting there we actually happened upon the event at the perfect time. Competition for the day was over so the machines (cannons, trebuchet's, sling shots) were all shooting off pumpkins randomly and damn but those things can fly! We chose a favorite called 'The Pumkin' Slayer' which was a trebuchet style machine managed by a guy who looked just like 'Jay' from 'Jay and Silent Bob'... I don't know if it was the machine or the look-alike that enchanted us more. At one point one of the sling/fling style modles near us nearly took out a few on-lookers with a renegade pumkin', which added to the 'thrill' of the event... But for the most part we enjoyed the opportunity to at least watch some pumpkins fly... I say for the most part because as long as we stood in that field my husband was NOT having a good time.

We walked around a bit, trying to decide if we should get something to eat but determined that we'd had enough of lines and longed for something of the sit down and relax variety instead. We found our car without too much trouble... This time we kept our daughter with us and our friends wandered off to find their car, determining to drive over to us and exit the event together. So we sat and waited. My husband at some point opened his car door and climbed onto the sideboard of the van so as to locate our friends as soon as possible. That's when I noticed the car door next to him was open... There was a young woman looking straight at me through her open door/window apparently crouching on the other side. (This is difficult to explain and I wish I had a picture but frankly, I'm really glad I don't.) So I say to my son who is in the seat behind my husband on the drivers side, "Is that woman peeing over there?"... And my son looks directly out his window to see a free show in living color... And he says to me, "Gee thanks Mom for pointing THAT out!"... I just couldn't believe that not only were we roughly 100 ft. away from the nearest port o' potty but that this girl would choose to make eye contact with me, rather than stare straight at the ground or the inside of her car door while relieving herself... I apologized to my son because well, what else could I do. Fortunately my husband had his back turned to the girl the whole time and missed the show. He was far too busy with his desparate search for our friends, (who of course got lost for a while trying to find their vehicle) because there was nothing more important to my husband at that time than finally get the opportunity to leave this fiasco... Oh, did I mention it was HIS idea that we go to 'Punkin' Chunkin' in the first place?
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Anna Banana Sunday - Smile for the Camera!

*Stay tuned tomorrow for an update on the 'Punkin' Chunkin' outing. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Is it 'Punkin' Chunkin' or 'Pumpkin Chuckin'?

We're off to watch some 'punkin' chuckin' today... I'll try to get some pictures but my guess is I'll end up with a lot of shots of a big empty field surrounded by a LOT of people.

Hope this is going to be fun!!! I'm currently fighting a raging head cold, sore throat, head-ache, runny nose... So I figure, what the hell... Why not drive 2 hrs. to stand in the middle of a cold and windy field to watch some asshole shoot a pumpkin out of a cannon... See, I'm excited already!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Keeping the Outdoors - OUT!

My son, the guy who rarely spends any time whatsoever out of doors, came home yesterday with a rather nasty welt near his underarm. His friends at school had tried unsuccessfully to remove a deer tick which had lodged itself mercilessly deep under his skin... The joke around school was, "How in the world could he manage to be in contact with a tick when everyone knows he NEVER leaves the computer!?"... My guess is the dog. Anna sleeps in his room every night, and always enjoys a cuddle on his bed... Seeing as she meanders into the treeline behind our house to do her business, I'm sure she picked it up there.

Deer ticks are nasty little buggers... And by little I mean teeny-weeny pin head size devils that can cause all sorts of damage to we human types. We once found a deer tick behind my daughters ear. We cleaned the wound, put antibiotics on the site and kept a close watch. A week later she woke in the morning with a perfect 1/2 bullseye covering the right side of her face. I completely freaked!!!... But was relieved to find out that the bullseye is actually a good thing because it lets you know that 'Lyme Disease' is present. It's those that don't know they were bitten and never see the tell tale 'bullseye' that end up with the debilitating effects of the disease. The cure for my daughter meant nearly a month on oral antibiotics. This morning I took my son to the doctor because the site of his bite was already very red and swollen, plus the head was still embedded in the wound. He wasn't thrilled that the doctor had to spend a good 15 min. trying to scrape left-over tick parts from his underarm... And my morning wasn't highlighted by having to hold an ear-scope light steadily over the wound so the doctor could see the site more clearly... My son will start taking the 21 day dose, 2x a day antibiotic the doctor ordered him this evening and the rest of us will continue feeling like we have something crawling around our body... Oh, and did I mention that my daughter woke this morning to show me a poison ivy rash bubbling up on her arm?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Whatta Face!

Following 'Lime's' lead I checked out this site for a spin on the wheel of 'Face Recognition'... My son has been told before that he looks like 'Ashton Kutcher' so it came as no surprise when these results showed up from his photo:

As for me... I tried and came up with at match in 'Christopher Lloyd' as 'Uncle Fester' from 'The Adams Family'... Excuse me while I pick what's left of my ego up off the floor.