Sunday, January 28, 2007

Anna Banana Sunday - Keeping Warm

We just hope she doesn't burn her face off.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Getting Old Sucks...

I've been thinking about old age a lot lately.

My dear friend Lori is struggling with the emotions and the difficulties of getting her Mom into an Assisted Living facility. Her mom is still strong and able bodied. It's her mind that's losing strength. She's suffering from that horrible disease known as Alzheimer's.

Lori has spent the last couple of years (at least), fielding calls from her mom roughly every 10 minutes throughout nearly every given day. Her mother gets a thought in her head and she simply can not go through the process of working through that thought without the aid of her daughter. Lori has two other siblings who live 'far away', so this makes Lori the sole source of comfort for her mother.

Within the last month or so, it all finally became too much for Lori and her family. My friend has received 'Guardianship' of her mother by means of running all over the place to acquire advice, paperwork and signatures. It's been not only a physically draining process but an emotional one too.

All of this work has come down to today. Today is the day that Lori will be moving her mom into an Assisted Living facility roughly 30 miles away. She took her mother to the there yesterday for lunch and to receive an evaluation from the staff. She explained to her mother that this is where she will be living. Her mother adamently exclaimed, "NO! I am not moving!" Lori has no other choice but to get her mother out of the townhouse she currently lives in by asking her to watch her kids for the day. Then Lori and her husband are swooping in to move all of her belongings to the new place. Lori intends to have her new room set up with all of her furniture and personal items so tonight her mother will feel at home. It can only be imagined how heart-wrenching this entire process is for my friend and how frightening it's going to be for her mother. Lori doesn't want to do anything to upset her mother... But she knows full well that the neighbors who currently reside near her mom can not be expected to put up with the phone calls they receive at 2:00am... It has also become necessary to move her for her own safety. She's stopped eating properly. She's stopped bathing and grooming herself. Lori can't even be sure she's taking the medication she needs. It's time for her to be in a place that can monitor her more closely.

I remember quite clearly the call I received from my dad several years ago, on the night he admitted my grandmother into a rest home. My grandmother was also in the advanced stages of 'Alzheimer's' and though my dad had been caring for her all alone, in his trailer, it got to a point when he couldn't safely leave her and go off to work. However, my dad had promised his father he would never put Grandma in a home. He promised he would always care for her. Some promises just can't be kept. My dad wept that he was betraying his dad's dying wish but he didn't know what else to do. He felt he was letting my grandmother down... That she would hate him for the decision he had no other choice but make. I consoled my dad over that long distance phone line as best I could... But what can one say other than, "You did what was best." And that's what my friend Lori is doing today. I hope our hugs and support can help get her through this.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Regarding Parenthood

This post in response to a comment Newleywed Girl made regarding my post on Tuesday.

Newleywed Girl said...
That was a great story...funny Jimmy and I were discussing the "kid thing" the other night...I confessed that I am scared out of my mind of this whole, carrying another human around in my stomach and being responsable for not falling down the stairs and running into things and eating crappy when I want to...then the fact that it will be a real live human and fully our responsibilaty...dogs are so much easier...not to sure if I am ready, but then I think I have friends who have more then one and a cousin 5 years younger who has one 5 years old now!! Does the scaryness go away?

Dear NG,

The scaryness NEVER goes away!

There's the fear of making the decision to become a parent.

There's the fear that now you've made the decision you won't be able to conceive. The heartbreak you feel each month after trying is nearly unbearable.

At last the day arrives when the stick turns blue and the fear is immediate, the excitement tremendous, the anxiety begins. Imagine what it must feel like to have your insides tossed with a wire whisk... It kinda feels like that.

Your pregnant, you get a head-ache, a sinus infection, the flu... You stress over what you can take for relief so as not to harm the precious cargo growing within. You walk into a smokey room and wonder if you should inhale. You attend a 'Stevie Nicks Concert' (true story) and realize that smell in the air isn't cigarettes and also worry if the music blasting from the speakers might in some way harm the fetus. You worry about helping to paint the nursery, what about the fumes? It goes on and on...

You attend your first 'Lamaze' class and get a close-up look at the birthing process and think, NO WAY, I didn't sign up for THIS?

You feel your baby kick inside of you... You feel his/her hiccups... You watch your belly as the bulge of an arm or a leg moves across it... And you marvel... And you fall in love... And it's the BEST feeling in the entire world, one that even the most eloquent poets can't put into words.

Your water breaks or you begin to feel the first pangs of labor and the excitement really outweighs the terror at that point... Because after all this time, you just can't wait to meet this little person.

The labor process progresses and there may come a point when the terror outweighs the excitement... Some people are fortunate enough to go through labor fairly easily, I was one of them.

Then the moment comes when you hear a cry and you get the chance to look into the face of a miracle that you and the one you love created together... And the memory of that moment will bring tears to your eyes for the rest of your life.

Then it gets REALLY scarey and as long as this person you created walks the earth it will continue to be frightening. Will he fall? Will she ever stop sucking her thumb? What if he can't be potty-trained by the time pre-school begins? Will she do well in school? Will he make friends? Will she stay away from the wrong crowd? Will he graduate? Will she meet the right man? Will he go to college? It's a never ending roller-coaster... But it's an E-Ticket Ride!

I realize there are some people in the world that know right off that they're not cut out for parenthood and I'm glad they've made that decision... But I can't imagine how empty my life would be without my kids. They bring joy. They bring frustration.... But most of all they make me a better person. I've grown as an individual having gone through the ups and downs that come with parenthood.

Nineteenth-century writer Elizabeth Stone said it best: To decide to have a child is to decide forever to have your heart walking around outside your body... If you're both ready for that, than you're most likely ready.


When Guys Go Out...

It became a weekly 'thing' sometime back in October...

Our friend 'The Captain' spends every Wednesday night driving across town to take his daughter to dance class... Rather than spending the entire night driving back and forth, he would spend his time running various errands or just shopping at 'Home Depot' until pick-up. Then he came up with the idea of inviting my husband to go out with him... And thus, 'Date Night' was born.

Every Wednesday night 'The Guys' meet, or one picks the other up for 'Date Night'... My very heterosexual husband winces at the term 'Date Night'... In fact on a Wednesday night not long ago, 'The Captain's' son rang his cell phone while they were seated at their favorite ice cream place... More on that at another time. While on his cell 'The Captain' repeatedly and very loudly exclaimed to his son that he was on his 'Date Night'. I can easily picture my husband wincing each time the words 'Date Night' were uttered.

My husband told me that later the same night they went to K-Mart because there was a sale on the GIANT size cans of coffee. 'The Captain' and his wife LOVE their coffee. 'The Captain' picked up several of the immense cans, but had neglected to grab a cart. As my husband tells it, "I watched him struggle all through the store, trying to balance those cans without dropping them and trying to manage their overall weight... When we got out to the car I looked at him and said, Those must have been pretty heavy huh? I bet you could've used some help, right? At which point 'The Captain' looked at me and said, "Yeah, I really could've." And then my husband tells me he said, "Well maybe NEXT time you won't be shouting, "I'm on 'Date Night' with Dick" to everyone at the diner, now will you?"

So I asked my husband last night if he had plans for 'Date Night' with the Captain this week. He replied with, "We're looking for a new name for 'Date Night'... Our current working title is 'Monster Truck Rally'." I laughed and countered with, "How about 'Hombre Hour'?" He kinda liked it!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thinking Back...

Today I found myself thinking back to when my son was born...
It was nearly 17 yrs. ago and I remember it like yesterday. A boy! I was so surprised... Everyone, myself included thought that I'd be having a girl. I remember quite clearly my husband looking at me with an excitement that I'd never witnessed before. He was SO nervous up to that point. Not knowing what to expect in the delivery room... Heck, not knowing what to expect at the notion of becoming a father period! He was nearly dancing a jig around the delivery room with his new son in his arms... I can't help but smile at the memory.

My son was born in the morning and by afternoon my in-laws arrived to see their first grandchild/nephew. My mother-in-law, the former mayor of her city and ever the politician marched to my room and said with some authority, "I've seen my grandson in the nursery and I can state quite matter of factly that he is THE most beautiful baby there, and I say that completely unbiased as his grandmother." My father-in-law, with a smile bigger than his face could hold, agreed whole-heartedly and handed me a book he had picked out for this occassion, it was A.A. Milne poems of Christopher Robin & Pooh. The perfect first present for my little boy. Everyone visited for awhile, shared in our joy and then they all went out, my husband included for dinner together to celebrate. Damn, if that wasn't a disappointment for me... But after all was said and done, I had it the best, I spent that entire first night with my son sleeping on my chest... All those months of having him inside of me, wondering what he might look like, sound like... And what it would be like to look into his eyes. I spent most of the night just marveling at the miracle that was my son.

We went home from the hospital on a Monday morning... With all the pomp and circumstance that's befitting of two people who've never used a car seat or driven their very own little human in a car before. Dad drove and Mom rode in the backseat to keep watch over our little guy. He fit into that car seat much like a sack of potatoes would... Kinda doubled over on himself, his little hood falling over his eyes. I wondered how he could manage that position without getting a terrible kink in his neck but had to remind myself that just a few days earlier his position was far more confined.

We spent the next couple of days taking loads of photographs and adjusting to meeting every need our son had... changing diapers, feeding, rocking and walking him when he fussed, which he didn't do much. We had a few neighbors stop by from time to time and one neighbor pointed out how yellow he looked and advised we take him to the pediatrician before his scheduled check-up. Having been with him constantly we hadn't really noticed the particular 'hue' he had taken on, but by the time we got him in front of the doctor we were frightened. The whites of his eyes had taken on a mustardy tone. It only took a moments glance for the doctor to say, "We need to admit your son to the hospital asap, he has an advanced case of jaundice." I didn't know what this meant, all I could focus on was that the doctor wanted my baby in the hospital! All I could think was, "I just got him, please don't take him away from me!"

We went to the hospital where he was quickly admitted. By evening we had witnessed our son getting heel pricks by an almost constant rotation of doctors and nurses. All I could do was watch and cry. Finally my husband turned to one of the nurses and said, "I think I'm going to take my wife for a walk." The nurse brightened considerably and said, "Oh Mr. Blystone, that's a WONDERFUL idea!" I wasn't entirely aware at the time that part of what I was going through was post-partum issues but I really was a mess. So we walked around the hospital grounds and my husband got my laughing, which he's always been a master at. He convinced me that this was just a minor event and we'd have our son home soon. As we walked on to the elevator to head back to my sons room we were met by the night security officer who looked at me and said, "Don't worry honey, it won't be long now." It wasn't until he exited the elevator that I realized he thought I was in labor... That's when I wanted to go after him and tear his throat out!

We got back to my son, who had yet another bandage on his foot and as I stood there caressing him as he lay under the 'bili-lights' one of the nurses wheeled in a machine twice the size of a bread maker. I looked at her and said, "Oh God, what are they going to hook him up to now?" Mind you, he currently lay naked all but for a small pad as a make-shift diaper, on a light table with and I.V. hooked up to his little body and a pair of velcro tabs stuck to each side of his head to hold a visor which protected his eyes. Now what? The nurse looked at me and said, "Oh this isn't for him, this is a breast pump machine." That's when I looked at my husband and said, "OH MY GOD, they're gonna hook ME up to that thing!" and I started crying all over again. Thankfully, they never did hook me up to the machine... I think they just moved it into the room for storage... But more importantly, my little boy got to go home on Friday, 3 days after he was admitted to the hospital. I was told his jaundice was brought on by a breast milk incompatibility which once the red blood cells were able to clear out his system wasn't an issue anymore.

I don't know why this memory became so clear this morning. I guess I wonder sometimes if his early adventure with lights and machinery somehow effected him and made him into the curious engineering guy he is today. And my, how the boy loves lights. When he was a toddler we used to take him to the lighting department of any store we visited just to watch the joyful expression on his face... Not to mention the infatuation he had with the cause and effect of light switches... But that's another story for another day... Today I just wanted to put a memory down in words.


Monday, January 22, 2007

I've Got Those Winter Blues...

I KNOW it's only been winter here for what?... Like a week now! But I'm DONE, I tell you... DONE!

I don't like the cold, not one little bit... I'm in a perpetual state of frostiness and my computer is located in the basement... The frostiest place of all. So if you find that I'm not posting as often as I used to it's because I'm upstairs, next to the fire, gazing out the window, searching for the first crocus to pop out it's pretty purple head.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Anna Banana Sunday

I won't beg... Okay, yes I will!


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Introducing Baa Ink!

Below is an excerpt from the website my son created.
It's not easy being a sheep in a world where everyone is either running with the wolves or swimming with the sharks. But that doesn't stop Baa in his relentless quest for adventure. Join Baa as he explores the worlds of fashion, art, literature and culture, and learns that when you're a sheep, a bad hair day presents unique challenges.
The site includes an interactive game, fun animations and T-shirts available to purchase. Check it out and share it with your friends... Spread the word, Baa is Here!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Kick-Ass Gift!

For Christmas this year I came up with the most brilliant idea and purchased the 'Xena - 10th Anniversary DVD Collection' for my husband. Back in the 90's we would spend Saturday afternoons on the sofa watching the 'Warrior Princess' kick some ass! Now, here it is 2007 and we're hooked all over again and in the process have turned our daughter into a 'Xena-maniac'... Maybe she'll learn to kick some ass too, if ever threatened... Or she'll become a lesbian.

I found this on You-Tube and thought it not only funny but empowering too!
YouTube - Xena - Hey Ladies!


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Hot Topic

The other day my daughter and I took a trip to the mall... It was one of those laid back Sunday visits when we could take some time to just enjoy eachothers company and look around a bit... Very much unlike those harried holiday season trips that are more of a chore than anything else.

While meandering, I suggested we decided to check out the store 'Hot Topic'... I've bashed the retail chain a couple of times and figured I should at least have a better idea regarding that which I've so freely spoke of.

My impression? It's worse than I imagined! Folks, I have seen the valley of teenage angst and it is a dark and ugly place.

Here's a couple of disturbing items from their website:

Jaded Jenny Plushie
This punk chick doll is as misunderstood as you. White plushie features red spiral dreads, ear to nose chain, black button eyes, love and hate hand tattoos, red and black stripe shirt, red bows, platform shoes and studded cuffs. 20" tall. Imported.

And for those times when you want to recall the good old days of your youth...

Instant Happy Childhood Memories Breath Spray
Don't spend thousands of dollars on therapy. Just pick up a tube of this wintergreen-flavored breath spray! You'll get a mouthful of artificial memories that'll make your childhood as idealic as you'd like! .25 fl oz.

However, is this really what todays teens think about life? I can't even get my daughter to pierce her ears... I seriously doubt she'll be making a statement anytime soon by piercing her nose, eyebrow or tongue. My son wears mostly black t-shirts with pithy sayings on them like, "It is what it is", "No, I will not fix your computer." or "I'm only wearing black until they make something darker" and then there's his new favorite, "I got out of bed for this."... Perhaps these shirts could be misinterpreted as disillusioned youth, but frankly, to him they're just fun... And maybe, that's what most of the merchandise at 'Hot Topic' is about... Fun!

Then again, I've talked with my kids about stores like 'Hot Topic' and ask them what they think... My son feels places like this are a huge disservice to teens in general. It gives adults the impression that all teens are full of anger and angst... They view the world in which they live as horrible and life in general as torturous. Which leaves adults fearful and unwilling to open a dialogue with the young man wearing the dog collar, spiked hair and black nail polish. Maybe this is what the young man wants because whenever the adults in his life have spoken with him, they haven't done so with respect.

I'm not a perfect mom, I'm far from it... But if there's one thing I've learned in the past several years it's that my kids aren't my best pal, buddy or friend nor am I their judge, jury and detention officer, such as I was raised. I treat my kids like fellow human beings. They're struggling through life's tough questions, just as I am. They want to do what's right not only for themselves but for those around them. They feel joy and they share it... They feel sadness and they look for answers from those they trust to help them through it.

It's my fervent wish that they never look at Life as hopeless.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Conversation with my sister...

She Said: "I just colored my hair darker yesterday... I'm afraid it's too dark though, because a friend stopped by mid-way through the process and I left the stuff on 40 min. longer than I was supposed to... I hoping that if I wash it several times it'll lighten up a bit, because right now it's almost black!"

I Said: "I'm picturing Elvira right now."

She Said: "Well, it's not quite that bad."

I Said: "I don't dare color or put any chemicals on my hair anymore."

She Said: "Why not?"

I Said: "Because my hair is like a Christmas tree in January... All I have to do is move and there are needles, I mean hairs all over the floor... This getting old stuff really sucks!"


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Anna Banana Sunday - In A Happy Place

Everyone needs a sunny spot... Anna's is wherever the sun streams through the window for the longest period of time.

Hope you find your 'sunny spot' this week!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Night Writer

My son is often flexing his creative muscles... His 'weight room' is typically made up of bits and bytes and the melodies he taps out on his keyboard... The other night however, he decided to dapple in a new medium... Photography.

My boy is not the type to merely point and shoot... If he's going to dapple in something there must include a creative twist... The picture above is the 'twist' he was going for... 'Night Writing'... He told me that he read about the technique online and decided to give it a go using my camera and a tripod. It may be difficult to tell by the size of the photo above, but that's my sons face in half-shadow on the right. He stood in our backyard at 10:00 a night, set up the tripod, turned up the f-stop on the camera which held the shutter open for a longer period of time. He then took his ultra-bright LED flashlight and waved it around, ultimately ending with the flashlight illuminating half of his face. He then very thoughtfully went next door to the neighbors house to let them know they needn't be worried by the odd light flashing around their backyard, he was just experimenting.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Practice, Practice, Practice....

I took lessons when I was 8 yrs. old for about a year. I can't tell you how much I despised practicing... I remember too well sitting at the piano for the required hour of practice, playing the songs from my last recital over and over again and hearing my mom yell from the other room, "Stop playing what you already know and practice your lessons." I hated the lesson music. It was the same notes, again and again... I find repetition exceedingly boring. I wanted to make MUSIC! For anyone who's ever taken piano lessons... Bookwork is NOT music!
Today, I'm so thankful for that year of having to learn those basic notes through and through. I'm no Billy Joel... In fact I'm about as far away from a Billy Joel as Pauley Shore is to Sir Lawrence Olivier... However, I can play well enough that my husband, family and most importantly I, myself can enjoy the melodies I tap out.
My husband gave me a MASSIVE 'Fake Book' for Christmas with hundreds of pages of tunes... I've yet to make it through the entire book to try playing just the tunes I'm familiar with. I suppose one would call it practice, in a way... But it's not like when I was young... Now I feel like all I want to do is play. Instead I have all of the household duties nagging at me to STOP PRACTICING and get to work!... Funny how things can change like that.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

There's a place for us...

Today my friend Lori and I went in search of a Group Home/Elder Care Mangement facility for her Mom, who is suffering from Alzheimer's and is rapidly advancing to the stage where she might be a danger to herself living alone.

All I can say is... I can't praise enough the people out there who provide this kind of care... And PUHLEEEZE let me hang on to my faculties long enough so that I'll never have to know what it's like to live in such a place.


Monday, January 08, 2007


Photo I took at the 'National Conservatory' in Washington, D.C.

Since the 'theme' of my daughters redecorated bedroom is 'Dragons', I'm seeing scales everywhere. My little girl, the one that when she exited my womb, I began to fantasize about the types of dolls (American Girl, Barbie, Madame Alexander) I would buy for her... This same little girl wants to surround herself with winged, fire breathing, scaley, giant lizards. Since there's nothing more important to me than self-expression, I've climbed aboard the 'Dragon-Train' and spent the last week painting all of the little delicate white shelves in my daughters room a deep, dark, black... My one request during this entire project was that we didn't end up with a room that expressed, "Hi, my name is S, and I'm SO Emo!... When we're done here would you like to take a trip to the mall and shop for some black finger nail polish at 'Hot Topic'?" I think we might've achieved a balance of elegant/fun in the room. I'll post some pictures after we get that damn bed on Friday... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


Friday, January 05, 2007

When a mattress on the floor is the only option...

Salesmen... You know the type, Waaay to cocky... Gabby to the point of annoyance... Wanna be your pal and best friend as long as he can make a sale... And the only reason he's bragging to you about his new Mazda is because he wants you to believe he's terribly successful and more than likely talking like he's such a BIG man because he's compensating for that one place he ISN'T.

Meet 'Andy', the guy from that 'Giant Mattress' store that sold me a bed frame last week for my daughters room. Now the first guy, Fred, who began waiting on my daughter and I, is a really nice guy... Proof that there are a lot of great people out there who hold the jobs of 'Salespeople'... Guys like Andy are the ones that make 'Salesman' a dirty word. It's unfortunate that 'Fred' couldn't finish the sale because the bed I wanted had been discontinued... But, Andy is the Manager of 'Giant Mattress' and he was bound and determined to make sure he sold me something! I should've picked up on that overly eager gleam in his eye... I should've said something when he berated 'Fred' for messing up the computer system that he himself seemed to be having problems with... I definitely should've spoken up when 'Andy' began telling me what a 'pain-in-the-ass' his wife was because she wanted him to cart a large object home in his brand new Mazda (Here's a hint buddy, Never dis your woman to another woman... We kinda stick together when it comes to doofus's like you.) I was smart, I DID leave the store but when the discontinued item becomes the best deal, it's difficult to stay away... So I went back to 'Giant Mattress' and told 'Andy' that I'd take him up on his offer to find me the bed at one of the other stores.

I marveled as I listened to 'Andy' go through a series of 'song & dance' routines with other 'Giant Mattress' employees across the region. 'Andy' was telling them that one of his employees "The Bitch", he said, "sold the model I had promised to my relatives (that was supposed to be us.) out from under me!" I was with my friend Lori and my daughter at the time... We were somewhat amazed, awed I should say at how this guy just kept going on with lie after lie... And I let him do it because dammit, now I really wanted that bed.

'Andy' tracked down the bed... Found a "sweet" floor model somewhere in 'Jersey' that's been hanging from the wall (like the one in his store) so it's pretty certain it'll be free of scratches and dents. The bed was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday for me to pick up at the store. Whoops! It's Friday now and guess what? Still no bed! The trouble is this... Now 'Andy' is lying to me. I guess I deserve it... I stood there and watched this guy show me what a slime-ball he is and didn't acknowledge the warning signs that were glaringly obvious. I guess that's what makes me so mad! That because I wanted that bed I was somehow a party to the rudeness he displayed toward others.

I called 'Giant Mattress' on Wednesday evening because they hadn't called to tell me the bed was in... I already knew, even before I called the store on Wednesday night that the bed wouldn't be there... I think I knew deep down in my gut, before I even left the store that 'Andy' was going to screw me over too. The employee I spoke with on Wednesday night said 'Andy' wasn't in but said that he was aware what the problem was. He explained that the truck went to the store in Jersey to pick up the bed only to find that it's still displayed on the wall... The driver wouldn't disassemble it and the woman who worked at the store was physically incapable of taking it down and apart... Understandable... But, I wonder what 'Andy' is going to DO about it... He wasn't in, so I couldn't ask. The employee kindly explained that he would be in tomorrow (Thursday) and I could call back then... My reply, "Thank you, but I'd like you to leave a message with 'Andy' to call ME... He knew there was a problem and he should've called to let me know about it... And since I don't know his schedule I think it's best he get in touch with me." Did I hear from 'Andy - The Manager' on Thursday... Of course NOT! So I waited until 4:00 (thought I'd give him plenty of time in case he was having a busy day.) and I called, and he answered. I told him who I was and asked what was going on with the bed that was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday. He said, "Oh, Mrs. Blystone, Uh ya, let me just check on that."... I heard a lot of clicking on the computer, an "I'll be with you in a moment sir." and then, "Um ya, Mrs. Blystone, I'm gonna have to check into that, are you calling from home? Yes, Okay, I'll check that right out for you and call you right back." ..........................................................................

You guessed it... 'Andy - The Manager of Giant Mattress' never called me back... Surprise!

Today I'm heading over to 'Giant Mattress' with my husband and hopefully 'Andy' will have a moment to let me know when I can expect my freaking bed... Until then my daughter will continue to sleep on her mattress on the floor.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh My Gosh, They've Killed Santa!

His black gloved hand hanging over the edge of the roof,
swaying ever so gently in the mild breeze,
"I'm sorry Virginia, but it seems Santa won't be able to visit your home anymore,
or anyone else's for that matter."

This particular 'blow-up figure' has been dangling in the same position for the last week! I wish they'd take it down already because frankly, it's giving me the creeps!

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Tightly Wrapped

Having been working on redecorating my daughters bedroom for a week now, one thing has become apparent...
My daughters bedroom is comparative to a very small, very tightly wrapped box that is packed to the seams with confetti... Open the box and the entire house ends up smattered with paraphernalia.
I guess it doesn't help that Christmas exploded all around us at roughly the same time but, it just leaves me tired and wondering when I'll find the energy to get everything back in its respective place.


Monday, January 01, 2007

Anna Banana New Year!

All Partied Out... Wishing Everyone A Rockin' 2007!